Saturday, October 27, 2012


You know you’ve had enough when a sick full of dirty dishwater caused by an upside down sink plug wedged in the drain reduces you to tears. When people say life is all about the little things I don’t think this is what they mean. Bailing water so you can see the object of your frustration, everything that isn’t what you want, what you expected, or at all what you hoped climbs on your shoulders and laughs in your ear. Searching for something, anything to grab the stubborn plug in the drain, the laughter gets louder, where are the pliers , not with the screwdrivers and hammers, not with the batteries and assorted chargers, not in the toolbox – oh no, why would they be there . Last resort you find something and laugh at yourself for thinking it will actually work and not just make you feel even worse. Astonished when it grips, holds, and pulls the drain out, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry harder as you watch the last of the water circle into the drain. Your savior – still dripping in your right hand? A pair of large dog nail trimmers.