Saturday, March 22, 2008

Yardwork, a little religion and alot of nothing

As promised, yesterday I picked up rocks and sticks and pieces of macerated tree trunks, I got out my trusty leaf blower and a-blowin' I did go., I fired up my red-rider lawnmower, and mowed the lawn for the first time.

Last night, I accompanied a friend to a Good Friday church service. Things in his life are, at best, difficult right now, and he wanted to go, and I think, needed the company, although he didn't ask, he didn't turn me down when I offered to join him either.

I have not attended a church service in I don't know how long - 20 years? Very possibe. I've read the bible (and the Book or Mormon, for what it's worth), and went as a kid, so I know the story/history*, but some years ago, went the non-organized religion route. It's worked for me for all these years, but I'm not one to say no to a friend in need. The service was nice, if a bit bleak (I know, I know, Good Friday is not exactly a cheery occasion); the choir was amazing and accompanied by a very talented string quartet. Best of all, my friend greatly appreciated the company, we had a few laughs (no, not *during* the service, we're not animals) and hopefully today, he feels a tiny bit better. I, on the other hand have some very sore yardwork muscles, which I am loathe to complain about in light of last nights very descriptive sermon.

I am lost without my puppy. I've spent most of today reading blogs and thinking about what I can eat next. The puppy is away at puppy boot camp for another four weeks, and I'd completely forgotten how quiet my life was before him. I think my old dog and the one I'm babysitting for a friend staged a fight** just to see it they could get me off the couch to do more than go to the kitchen or bathroom. This can't continue. This must be why normal people without working dogs have hobbies. I've caught myself considering organizing closets not once but twice today. If next weekend I blog about organizing closets, send help. Please. Before I start washing baseboards.

*no disrespect intended
** no canine was hurt during this blog


Her Roo-ness said...

bring the big dog and come to ohio. i promise there will be NO closet cleaning.
i have spring break in 2 weeks ya know....

kenju said...

I'll send help - only if the baseboards you wash are mine!

tiff said...

Dude - clean baseboards are totally 'in' right now.

db grin said...

You can avoid cleaning baseboards by painting them. Problem solved!

Sounds like you need a drinkin' buddy. C'mon over and we'll chill some beverages and grill some meat on the new Weber!

6truck said...

Two Things:

A. ' A Lot' is two words. I got charley-horsed by my English teacher for pushing the article and noun together. ;)

B. I whole-heartedly agree with the painting of baseboards vs. the washing of them.