Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For Seven Days........

I'll be here..,+NC&sll=37.020098,-78.222656&sspn=64.160835,112.5&ie=UTF8&ll=35.299435,-75.60791&spn=2.107049,3.515625&t=h&z=8

I have been busting my tail this week so that I can leave my job and my house with a clear conscience, and I am happy to report that on Wednesday morning, I should be in great shape to do just that.

I am more excited about this trip than anyone has a right to be. I'm going with my snowboarding buddies, and their families, dogs too. I will likely be the first to arrive, my drive is only about 5 hours, the girls are traveling 8 and 11 hours. I've planned the cocktail menu - and I'm trying to think of something I can make when I get there, so there's something to eat when everyone else arrives., you know something besides peach sangria and beer.

I have no idea what to make. Suggestions are welcome.

There is talk of kayaking trips and hang gliding, Staci will not rest until we are all bruised and (preferably) bleeding. That's just how she rolls.

Although I' m not leaving until Saturday, I am not sure there will be a post before this trip. There will be posts after.. and maybe pictures, too - Staci is an incredible photographer (visit her web page on my sidebar for proof).

I hope you all have a fabulous week.


kenju said...

I hope that all of you have a fabulous time! Bring back lots of pix!

Mojo said...

I can't really make specific suggestions without knowing when you'll be serving and what special dietary considerations the others might have, but at the beach seafood is never inappropriate. (I'm thinking shrimp on the grill, skewered with fresh veggies.)

On another note:
Maybe this falls in the category of "self-promotion", but really I'm just trying to gather some good karma for a friend who could really use it right now.
Can you take a moment to visit here and share some?

librarianchick said...

quinoa with lots of roasted/grilled/steamed/sauteed veggies is always good and can be served hot, cold or room temp.

Dress it with olive oil and lemon and lots of fresh herbs.

You can put whatever protein you want in it: grilled chicken, tofu, chick peas.

Have a great trip! I am headed down the Cape on Friday for the next week and I too am thrilled to be taking a break.

Hugs to the girls.

tiff said...

How about those spinach/feta/bean cheesadilla thingies?

I imagine they'd go GREAT with both peach sangrai and beer.

Her Roo-ness said...


i was never this excited about santa.

this trip...we're pirates.

rennratt said...

I think that random wraps would be easy and good.

Ditto hummus and pita bread, chips/salsa/farmer cheese/guacamole...

Our favorite 'fly by dinner' here is Train Wreck; others sometimes call it Frito Pie.

Will you be grill cooking, stove cooking, or Avoiding Cooking?

Mojo said...

If you jump over to my place for a moment, I have something for you. Something I hope you'll accept in the spirit it was intended. Just a token of my esteem, which you may do with as you wish. (Except maybe hit me over the head with it.)

(Yeah, you done been tagged girl... but it was with the purest of intentions.)

JustRun said...

If I can't be at the beach right this second, I'm glad someone is! :)