Friday, October 10, 2008

My Beach Ball*

This is the chair I took from my brother's house when he died.
I don't know where he got it, or why. I know it sat just to the left of his fireplace directly across from the big chair Mark always sat in. When I would come to visit, or to drop off the dog; this is the chair I always chose to sit in to visit with Mark and anyone else who happened to be there. It's more comfortable than it appears and I always liked the creaky sounds it made when you shifted your position.

I took home to my condo in Sterling, and moved it from room to room, I used it to stand on to reach high places when I was painting. There are still paint spots of institutional white on the lowest rung. I moved it to North Carolina with me where once when I was cleaning I moved it out onto the deck and forgot it about it and it got rained on. It's a bit worse for wear these days. Yet, I cannot throw it out. These days, this chair holds pillows, mail, magazines and sometimes my feet, but I never sit in it like I did when it was in my brothers house.

I am not much of a 'things' person. I don't care if you spill things on my couch, or my clothes, or if your dog vomits in my car. These things will all clean up, for the most part, and what stains remain are just remnants of life being lived around these things. I can't quite bring myself to let go of this chair, though. I don't know if I just see him more clearly as time goes by when I look at the chair, or if I'm just being overly sentimental. Bottom line is, I don't care. It's staying. I can't/don't sit in it anymore, but I did just move it out of the corner of my living room, and I'd be happy to offer it to a friend stopping by for a visit.

*For all but one of you, the title won't make sense, for the one that does - thanks for sharing that story with me.


Mojo said...

I get it. Not the title, that one went right over my head, but the attachment.

If you ever decide you want to restore that chair, just let me know... I'd be honored to help with the project.

But maybe you'd rather just let it be what it is... how it is. I get that too.

Nice to see a post from you... it's been a while!

kenju said...

I have way too many things I cannot part with for the same reasons. Things that were my mom and dad's or my grandmother's or my favorite aunt's. I cannot bear to think of them not being loved.

L said...

I do the very same thing with certain things. And you don't need a concrete reason. Thanks for reminding me of that. :)


rennratt said...

It's *more* than a chair.


tiff said...

You've seen the red chairs at my house. THey're broken, don't match anything, but my Dad sat in them, and that's good enough.

Also? I keep one of his goofy hats. Just because. Yeah, I get it. :)

Doctor Err said...

yeah. you know i'm a sentimental idiot... don't tell will totally ruin my rep as a hardass...
i don't think having a special thing like that is the same as being a 'things' person, you know? the way that our stuff is a little creepy... this teacher has got a creaky chair, by the fireplace that can be your chair when you're here.
unless you decide you're not moving off the couch. cuz we can both fit with the boys and that sucker is down filled and feels really damn comfy...

Sparky said...

Mojo - I'd love to tell the Beach Ball story, but it's not realy *mine* to tell.. suffice to say it's one of those that sticks to your ribs.

Kenju - I hadn't thought of it that way, but that may be the 'nail on the head'.

Renn, yes... i think you're right.

L - just returning the favor. How was that bacon/chocolate?

Tiff, yeaaah., I have a bob dylan that is totally too big for me, but try to take it and you'll likely draw back a bloody stump.

Dr. Err.. heh.... won't be much couch sitting with balloons and bikes chasing me. maybe after with some dr. err cookies. mmmmm. cookies.


Kim said...