Sunday, February 1, 2009

A rough start

When I was young, and making too much noise with either my friends or my siblings, the warning that we were being too loud was always the same.
My father roaring from the floor below us or the next room over,
"I have had enough of this!"

The subsequent arrival of him in the room was almost unnecessary, that exclamation was enough to shut us all up and keep us quiet for the rest of the afternoon or evening.

I'm hoping that I've got just enough of my dad in me to make that same annoucement and have it run off the seemingly never ending parade of viral and now bacterial infections that have had me swilling cold medicines and running to Urgent Care for strep cultures. I have had enough of this.

Admittedly I am not oozing eye good like some people, but still.

The constant sick has kept me from doing almost everything I like to do, because I am expending all my energy on only what I must do. This is what makes Cravey a very dull, very unhappy girl.

Here's hoping the antibiotics do their job and I can get back to living my life instead of just missing it.


kenju said...

Aw, I'm sorry and I hope you can get well soon.

Doctor Err said...

yeah. i'm a little worried... you been sick a minute. it always worries me when colds and stuff are like movie sequels.
you got stuff to do.

justrun said...

Yuck. I'm so sorry it's kept you down for so long. Sending get well vibes from CO!

Mojo said...

If the bellowing works, lemme know. Maybe we'll take it on the road... the Cravey Medicine Show. It could be huge. Start with the backwaters where they're more accepting of such stuff just to build up some cred, then from there? Hey, the sky's the limit! Hell, the merchandising alone could be monumental. Cravey t-shirts, Cravey ball caps, Cravey coffee mugs... lunchboxes, sheet sets, coloring books... Ooh! action figures! Play it right and you could even get your own Wheaties box! Appearances on Leno, the Today Show, Conan. Howard Stern would be on his knees for an interview!

But seriously? As long as you get rid of this crud and start feeling like the JC we know and love again I'll pass on the talk shows, the money, all of it.

Still, ya gotta admit... Leno would be nice.