Sunday, December 27, 2009

Meet me in Banner Elk next October.

Fat black sharpie in hand, I crossed off yesterday’s date on my calendar this morning, mentally ticking off the days until the new year. Just four to go. I thought briefly about the past year, about the big things that have happened, and wondered even more briefly what 2010 would hold. Usually, I just feel hopeful at the end of a year, this year, there’s a good bit more fear mixed in. A month or so ago, I met with a real estate agent, got a rough, non-official appraisal on my house, just in case I need to put it on the market this spring. I told myself then, as I do each time I tell this fact to someone, I’d rather sell my house than lose it. It’s true, but it makes me unspeakably sad. I don’t know that I had envisioned the step that came after this little Cape Cod house, but I feel confident it was never, ever, leave it before I lose it. Deciding it was too early for such dark thoughts; I poured another cup of coffee and headed for the couch.

The early darkness of winter makes me nuts and truth be told, a little sad. I don’t know that I’m one of those people that are truly affected by the lack of sunlight, but my spirits sure are. Yesterday morning, sick of just about everything, I shoved myself out the door to the gym, determined to chase the winter doldrums away. I took a new class, one whose ad has one of those perfectly sculpted females on it, and the slogan “Pressure makes diamonds.” This, to a different person, would have been a clue. In early November, I got a horrible cold, worst one I’ve had in years, knocked me back for a good 3 weeks. On Thanksgiving Day when I went to run the turkey trot, I hadn’t run a step in roughly 2.5 weeks. I had no grand hopes; and that turned out to be a very good thing. I ended that run a full 5 minutes slower than the year previous, but with a really cool shirt (purple, with a turkey on it!) and a flier for North Carolina’s newest marathon. I wore the shirt on Thanksgiving Day. I put the flier on my desk and looked at it nearly every day. A week or so ago, I pulled it out and mapped out a training schedule for the half-marathon. I am not mentally ready for school, work (I hope) and full marathon training; the half will have to do. The week starting tomorrow is week 1.

Twelve weeks from now, I hope to have been successful in consistently training for 13.1 miles. I hope 2010 looks better than it did early this morning. If I have put my house on the market I hope it’s because I cashed in a winning lottery ticket, and am moving to Belize, or perhaps, just because I got a job offer somewhere else and am moving by choice, not out of necessity and fear.

Someone told me a few weeks ago that those wooly bear caterpillars are predictors of winter weather, if they have a lot of brown and very little black it means that we are in for a hard winter. Curious about this I went looking for more information and discovered that right here in North Carolina (Banner Elk to be exact) there is actually a Wooly Worm Festival in which the highlight is a Wooly Worm race which ends with the Mayor pronouncing the winner (no doubt he has to pronounce it loudly to wake the spectators) and examining the caterpillar and declaring the winter weather forecast. However bizarre this information, there is some scientific research that backs this up. The one I was examining that day a few weeks ago was nearly all brown. Even without a mayor to pronounce it, it appears this winter is going to be long one. I suppose you can’t argue with a wooly bear caterpillar. So, I won’t. I will hope, just a little more this year than in years past, for a correspondingly brighter spring.


Mojo said...

Whew! For a second there I thought you were gonna say the marathon was in Banner Elk. And I was going to recommend that you lie down until the urge passes. Because damn. Have you ever been to Banner Elk? This is not a place for running marathons. This is a place for skiing and snowboarding and drinking hot things.

And in most places that host festivals like ... this... thing... you're dealing with a town where the Wooly Bear Worm Fest or whatever is the event of the year. So I'd argue that nobody's gonna have to wake up the audience when the winner is announced. But since Banner Elk has a bit more going for it (Ski Beech and Sugar Mountain for two) chances are that the Mayor will be able to poke the sleepers in the ribs to wake them up prior to making the great announcement.

Maybe I'm just odd this way, but I really don't mind the winters around here. Actually, I kinda like them. Even the part where it's full-on dark by 5:30 PM. Now if I lived in a place where they have actual winters -- complete with snow over your head and such I might feel differently (I spent a winter in the Midwest back in 1983-84 and it was not the most fun I've had) but what passes for winter around here?

I digress...

I hope the winter, spring, summer and Wooly Worm Festival bring exactly what you want them to JC. And I'd worry about you and your house, but I really don't because the good people always come out okay.

And you're the good kind of people. The goodest.

Doctor Err said...

when is your half???

kenju said...

I respond poorly to the lack of light this time of year too, and can't wait for spring.

Here's hoping you won't have to sell your house, but if you do, that you will have an easy time of it.

Anonymous said...
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