Saturday, April 28, 2007

For those that nag...

I’ve been gently reminded that “Monday, was 5 days ago, yo”.. and I want you nagging readers to know I’ve started about 4 posts since then. I just haven’t finished any of them. I seem to be having trouble holding a continuous thought these days, unless it’s work related, which is good for corporate America, but tends is leaving me feeling a bit scatter brained in every other part of my life. I’m choosing to blame it on the impending arrival of 3 girlfriends, 3 adult german shepherds and two german shepherd puppies. That’s a lot of feet in my quiet little house. Which reminds me, I need to buy more alcohol. Lots More.

I have to go out to pick up the stuff to make strawberry pie for a barbecue. As much as I like the hostess of this particular barbecue – the last time I agreed to go to a BBQ with her an 8 year old child sat herself down on the picnic bench next me and told me she had a secret. I won’t pretend to know what kind of secrets 8 year olds normally have, but I figured it would have more to do with veggie tales or power rangers and less to do with “my daddy likes you”.
Imagine the rest of that evening, if you will. Awkward?
You betcha.

I’ve been promised, in writing even, that the trolling 8 year old and her father will not be in attendance.

As appropriate in the south, I feel the need to ask for an Amen.


roo said...

i didn't gently remind.
um. cuz im not so much with the gentle.
i do know about the secrets of 8yos having been Ms. Smith for many many years. Uh. That a pimp. I promise the next thing outta that kids mouth woulda been "so you wanna date?"
i'd like to be feet in your house. strawberry pie sounds great for breakfast.

tiff said...


Heh - who DOESN'T like you, would be more my question.

roo said...

i just said i'd like to be feet.

rennratt said...

Oh, man. I wonder if the dad knew that his 8 yo was pimping him out?!

Strawberries. Love them! The Nooze and I plan to go pick some next weekend.

I love living in the South.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the need to buy more alcohol for selfish reasons.... ;)

Anne said...

Amen! But isn't it better to know these things so you can avoid that guy in the future? Or get friendly with him, whichever you prefer.

...mmmm... Strawberry pie.
...mmmm... Booze. ;)

Carmi said...

I feel your work-life-blogger-balanced pain. Some days, I stare at the Create Post screen and draw a complete blank. Blogging just isn't fun when it's forced. Nothing is, come to think of it. So I'd rather write nothing than something that comes across as a filler post. Good on you for touching on this very real issue.

I started to keep a bunch of placeholder entries as drafts. I tend to drop them in when I travel and have very little free time to blog. I think I need to advance-write a few before I fly across the Pacific next week. Gulp!

I'm praying the BBQ goes well for you. You made me lugh out loud with the 8-year-old story. Adorable!

Biff Spiffy said...

That.Is.Awesome. Was he/she wearing a purple hat and carrying a cane? Lotsa bling?

Sounds like karmic replay of the Victoria's Secret story... heh

Hooray for parties, hope you are able to swing into enjoy-it mode, not being stuck in hostessing.

I would do an Amen, but that's covered. So I'll say 'Weeeellll!!'

Biff Spiffy said...

Oh, and on the posting - no pressure, as long as you post once a day. You can take occasional days off, it is your blog after all.

kenju said...


That eight year old was probably put up to it by her dad.....LOL. I can't say I blame him, though.

Hope the patter of feet doesn't drive you nuts.