Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday, post barbecue

Sunday afternoons in my childhood home were for car maintenance, mid-day meals followed by mid-day naps and whatever sporting event my dad could find on TV.

This Sunday , even with my wee hangover, I managed to wash my truck and clean it out (I’m happy and proud to report, no onions), I’m too tired to actually cook anything and I may die of boredom if I try and watch baseball on TV.

So, I’m one for three. Dad would not be proud.

I refuse to see anything wrong with eating an ice cream sandwich for lunch.

The barbecue was a smash hit. I made two strawberry pies, and came home with nuthin’. One of the pies made it in perfect condition, the other had a lil’ accident when I hit the brakes a little too hard trying to not miss the right turn off of “Middle of Nowhere Road” onto "East Where the Hell am I" Lane. Seriously these people live 3 miles west of absolutely nothing.

The response I got from the hosts when I explained about the pie was and I quote “you can eat it or you can leave it.” For the record, this kind of answer is why I hang out with these people. Well, that and the fact that when we all get together it always ends the same way, we start out sitting around talking, and inevitably end up laughing until we are crying.

There were no 8 year old little girls pimping for their daddies.

There were some wicked good margaritas-in-a-bucket. Well, two buckets if I’m honest. Who knew there’d be reason beyond sand castles to get excited about buckets? These things now have me trained like one of Pavlov’s dogs.

This isn’t pretty. I’m not proud.


kenju said...

Oooooh, did you just dip your glass in and scoop out a lot of margarita goodness? That sounds like a great party!

kenju said...

P.S. I had ice cream for lunch (and pretzels).

roo said...

im proud, im proud, im proud!
after all. a bucket is way better than..uh... a trash can or bath tub. im jes sayin'
also. i might send you an onion.

tiff said...

Oh please. BE PROUD! It's life, you're living it, it was fun, don't apologize.

Plus which, there was pie. And that's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

"Who knew there’d be reason beyond sand castles to get excited about buckets?" Great line. Really great.

rennratt said...

Were you, by any chance, at the Edge of the Great Woods?

From the road names, you may have been around the corner from my house!