Thursday, September 27, 2007


I am abundantly annoyed about my stupid broken toe. It has been two weeks and while the bruise is gone, I still can’t walk without a limp, walk for any period of time without being miserable, and there certainly isn’t any running going on, and I’m watching my goal of a fall half-marathon slip away.

I’m also annoyed that once again, I’ve completely forgotten that I have to actually pay personal property tax by the end of the month. I don’t know how I manage this, but every year when that bill shows up, I am surprised, and not in the happy surprise birthday party kind of way. More like the discovering maggots in your trash can kinda way (Hi princess!)

Then there’s the stupid ticket I got on Monday. I can’t even adequately articulate just how stupid this was, turns out I was just lucky enough to meet the cop that was either a) so new he didn’t actually know the law I supposedly broke or b) just so hell bent on writing a ticket he was going FIND a violation to write me up for one way or the other. Why do I say this (you ask) because it took him 15 minutes of rifling through his little police officer manual to figure out what law I actually broke. Shouldn’t there be a 10 minute rule or something? If you don’t know what I did wrong, should you really be allowed to write me a ticket? I think NOT. A 50 dollar violation, which will cost me 170 bucks to pay it and get over it, or 300 bucks to hire an attorney to fight it for me. GAH!

On the other hand, my mom comes this weekend, and my puppy is doing really well and today, it was nearly perfect outside; warm but not hot, low humidity, pretty blue sky and an abundance of sunshine. I drove home this evening with the windows down, Sheryl Crow’s C’mon C’mon blaring from my radio. I sang along, loudly and badly; (because Cravey doesn’t do things half way) and I did not care when I saw fellow commuters laughing at me; in fact Mr. Honda Accord, you made me turn UP the volume, because you Sir, need to seek out a support group for those that cannot UNCLENCH. No way should you be walking around like that.

My sister Staci and her boyfriend are always reminding themselves that “life is good” and someone gave me the sticker that carries that slogan for my car window. Mine has a little yellow dog roasting a marshmallow over a campfire. I think Staci, Adam and the little yellow dog are right. Stupid annoyances aside, Life is Good.

I’m still pissed about the ticket though.


wordnerd said...

"...because you Sir, need to seek out a support group for those that cannot UNCLENCH..." Another great Cravey line. I love it.

I'm curious -- what did the cop say you did?

kenju said...

I am very annoyed by people who cannot unclench, too, but I just call them constipated.

sorry about your toe!!

roo said...

you shoulda turned it down...and sang louder. i car dance. its ok in the city, but not outside of it...i don't descriminate. :)
Yay for mommy time!
also. cops never fail to piss me off. ok. except last year when i was speeding in a school zone, had no proof of insurance and my tags were several years expired. 200 dollar ticket? hell yeah.
you shoulda seen the look on the face of that teacher I was with when I said, "oh wow. i totally might get arrested. can you call someone for a ride."

handy said...

Cravey-gurl.... life is awesome and I'm glad you are ignoring the idiots... :)) This post is amazing in the fact that you point out all the crap happening and end on a high note... Speaking of high notes, when do I get to hear you sing? :))

Roo, you kill me. I laughed for 10 minutes imagining the teacher beside you...

purl said...

You shoulda told the cop that you were racing to the ER because of your toe and then stuck your foot out the window for him to see. Dang!

Tracy Kaply said...

Toes take FOREVER to heal, the bastards.
But it's amazing how far a twisty sense of humor will take you in this life.

The police officer is obviously new and will get his, believe you me. I'm pretty sure of that, since he is in a career where there is a good chance that people will shoot at him.

tiff said...

You're lying.

About all of it. What a shame.

(mmmpf! hee!)

rennratt said...

I would contact the DA's office about the ticket prior to your scheduled court date.

In fact, walk in with the ticket, and ask them to explain exactly what the ticket says.

I would also question the 'experience' of the officer that pulled you.

Respectully, of course.

(I was pulled a few years back, for 'speeding'. The officer was HORRIBLE to me, and my daughter was in the back seat. HE MADE HER CRY. Justice was served less than a year later, when he became a first time dad. TO A LITTLE GIRL.)

Anne said...

Some (possibly all) cops are evil. I hope you get to see it when he gets his comeuppance.

JustRun said...

Ah, yes, I have had to learn twice this year that life is good, in spite of ticket-writing officers. Ugh. :)

Sorry about the toe- I know how much that stinks! Which toe is it again? Can you tape it?

Scottsdale Girl said...

Maggots *shiver*

Um what? with the cop? huh? He pulled you over and THEN looked for a reason to ticket you.

So effed up.

Biff Spiffy said...

You need to break the law on dark and stormy nights. That way, when he gets out of his cruiser in the cold, cold rain to ask, "Do you know why I pulled you over?" you can say "Do you know why I ran the stop sign?"
(stolen from drew carey)

You need a heal for a toe.

Yay for the life is good stickers! I've only ever seen 'em in one part of the country, and that part has mountains and ancient general stores in it.