Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Who's that knocking on my door?

So, since moving into my house in NC, I've discovered a plethora of critters that live in and around my house..black snakes, garter snakes, skinks (love me some skinks), the ladybugs previously blogged about, tons of toads, and this morning, when leaving my house, these dudes.

Um, Is that the biggest slug you've ever seen? Cuz it's freaking huge by my standards, and totally geeked me out this morning. I went into the office and hit up a manager who also happens to be an entomologist to make sure I shouldn't be worried about the fact that they were climbing up the side of my house.

Note: Slugs are not bugs. The entomologist was NOT amused.

He was kind enough to tell me that I had nothing to worry about after pointing out the above fact. But seriously? That thing is BIG, right?


roo said...

what's a skink?
sounds like something i'd call a hooker.
and oh yeah.
ewwwwwwwwwwww*shiver* yuck.
i found 2 more tomato worms yesterday. ewwwwwwwww*shiver*yuckassholes.
one was all covered in little white balls.
yeah. natures all cool and shit, but it totally skeeves me out. we did not have weird bugs and snakes in alaska.
just uh bears and stuff. way better.
and thank you for hiding the foot.

JustRun said...

Oh my gosh, yes that is big. And I'd venture to say that I, for one, could not cohabitate with it.

wordnerd said...

Got salt?

Anonymous said...

Normally I have something of a live and let live attitude toward bugs.. er... arthropods.. er... whatever the heck slugs are...


When they start trying to invade the house? Yeah... pass the salt.

kotzebue said...

slugs... ugh.

i remember that i used to play with snails when i was a kid in virginia. my mom HATED that particular predilection.

Tracy Kaply said...

That's like a MUTANT SLUG, dude.

rennratt said...

Your town must have the SPECIAL slugs.

I have yet to see those 'round here, and I live in the COUNTRY!

Thankfully, they aren't poisonous or anything.


Kingfisher said...

In N Calif where I grew up, we have banana slugs. They're called that for a good reason: they can be dull olive or tan to bright screaming yellow and up to 10" long. They're actually pretty cool. The University of Santa Cruz actually uses them for their mascot.

And slugs are molluscs.

tiff said...

KF is right - Mollusca. Somewhere in there they have a residual shell or something, and it's prolly as icky as the rest of them.

No slugs here. Color me jealous.

utenzi said...

Are you sure that's not just an old banana peel, Jen?