Sunday, December 9, 2007

The end of the year ADD Post

I'm not a Christmas person. I'm just not. Deal with it.

Furthermore, I think Christmas music a vile invention. Particularly Barry Manilow singing Chistmas songs, in case you were wondering, but to be honest, I don't like any of it. When I lived in Northern Virginia there was a spoof Christmas song - spoofing Baltimore - that I loved. I can't remember what the name of it was or who recorded it, but it was a mockery of Winter Wonderland, sung by a guy with an exaggerated Dundalk (suburb of Baltimore) and involved things like VD and impregnating your girlfriend. So that ought to give you an idea of my christmas music taste. Oh, and don't even get me started on that Grandma got runned over by a reindeer song. I will gleefully beat you to death with a Christmas wreath if you sing or play that crap anywhere near me.

I love me some Christmas lights though. In Virginia there was a street - Juniper Street - in Sterling, the whole street went apeshit over christmas lights. The houses had themes, cool themes. One had spiderman (Hi Mat!) in lights climbing the side of their house; another had Snoopy on waterskiis behind santas sleigh; one house had the grinch on their front lawn stealing a real, decorated christmas tree, there were many more, it was a big street, but those were my favorites. They also had a large donation box for a local charity, and the week or so before and the week after the holiday, they gave out hot cider and cocoa for the people walking around admiring the lights.

I looked forward to going down that street every year. I took everyone I could think of with me. Of note, this was not always appreciated.

When I started running, this street was always included in my routes, no matter how out of the way it was. (P.S. those big, inflatable, floaty character things are a little creepy during daylight hours, but at night, or pre-dawn? totally creepy) I swear you can feel them watching you.

Every year, I think I'm going to decorate my house with pretty white lights, and every year I don't do it. I go look at the lights, I imagine what it is I want. Then I realize with my luck I'd probably overload a circuit and burn my house down, and well, somehow I think that would not help with the fact that I'm not a christmas person.

I'm glad the rest of you do it though, it's truly one of my very favorite things about the end of the year, and since the end of the year usually finds me just wishing it would get on with it and over it already, I try to make the most of the few moments I find myself enjoying the current moment.

The turning of a new year always motivates me. I have some internal device that kicks in and tells me to make this year better, brighter, just more (Staci) than the last. Of course I run through the standard list of telling myself that this year, I will: clean baseboards, balance my checkbook, give more to charity and rotate my tires on a regular basis; and no, I never actually do these things. I'm not a new years resolution-er either. Generally those people bug the crap out of me. Especially the ones that join the gym -- because all of a sudden there 4457 more people in my gym and I can't accomplish what I need to. I KNOW I should be more selfless and encouraging but quite seriously, by mid-February 4455 of them have given up, and I'm just glad I can use the chest press with-out a 90 minute wait and a need to run for a snack.
Go ahead, call me selfish. I'll wait.

This year I may make an exception on the new years resolution thing. If not, I'll likely need to call on friends to stage an intervention (sidebar: I may also need an intervention from the show Intervention which is likely a whole 'nother kind of sickness I'm not ready to face, so hush) because I have a problem. It's name is E-bay, and I am an addict. Where is my Jeff VanVonderen when I need him? Last night after paying for my 6th auction win in 28 hours - that's right I said 6th - I found myself researching leather sofas on E-Bay. This is not good. This is not good. This is not good. Oh, and this? All the fault of the Redneck Scottsdale Princess, I'm just not sure which personality I need to blame.

If I am able to avoid the e-bay bankruptcy, I have trips with friends, more intense dog training, the start of competing with my own dog, family weddings, and just maybe another marathon in the works. If I'm really lucky I'll get to meet some new people and make some new friends along the way - there's a Bruce Springsteen fan in Austin I'm dying to meet, and a chance I'll be in Austin next fall. And then there's the best part - there's stuff I don't have any idea about that's coming.

Squeeee! it's like um.. huh.
Now there's a new way to look at things.


Her Roo-ness said...

ah shit. totally lost my comment.
shortened version.
i hate christmas too.
no decorations or anything.
mat can't wait for summer and lost his shit over this blog.
i'm afraid of e-bay.
i totally want to go to a dog thing with you. really. i'll come down and babysit apache dog wherever it is we go.

Caroline said...

Christmas lights rock. Remember the Herrity house?!?!?!

kenju said...

I love other people's lights too, I just do bother to do them here.
Music? I love good Christmas CD's, but not radio music. Give me some Johnny Mathis and I'm groovin'. Lol

Tracy Kaply said...

I like Christmas, because I don't decorate and I get to watch my favorite Christmas movie, Die Hard, and my favorite Christmas cartoon, Invader Zim's The Most Horrible Xmas Ever.

Also, I stay away from places that play Christmas music, except the bank, where I just bitch about it to the teller.

You should come to Washington. :-)

6truck said...

"Walking in an Essex Wonderland"

We can make a tree outta Bud

I just heard it again the other day...if I can find a download, you'll have it in your inbox...


JustRun said...

There's just so much to comment on but of course the runner in me wants to say "which marathon, which marathon?!" (I'm having trouble deciding.)

tiff said...

Dude - the TIny House has the tree and lights and all that shit. I love me some CHristmas decorations, but not to the "inflatable lawn ornament" stage of things. that's a level of sickness I don't think I'm ever going to be prepared for.

Why wait for FALL to go to Austin?

rennratt said...

Lawn ornaments are creepy.

I rarely have the "Christmas Spirit", but it has hit me with a vengeance this year.

The only Christmas music worth playing is TSO and Twisted Sister. Oh, and Robert Earl Keen.

Happy Holidays!

utenzi said...

I've warned all my friends and neighbors.
"Better watch out for yourselves.
They should never give a license,
To a man who drives a sleigh and plays with elves."

God, I love that song. Christmas doesn't do a whole lot for me but I do like a lot of the songs. Even a few by Barry! I could send you a few MP3s. :-)

Mojo said...

And I thought I was the only one. I start feeling the yule-rage setting in just after Labor Day it seems. By Halloween it's fully established, by Thanksgiving I can barely stand to turn on the TV and by this time of year my thoughts start turning to things involving a chainsaw.

So it's important for you to know, you're not alone.

Except for the e-Bay thing. There you're on your own.