Friday, December 28, 2007

The James Bond Meme (shaken not stirred - there are no nearly naked chicks here)

Brian tagged for the aforetmentioned, Cravey nicknamed James Bond meme - this time, instead of me telling on myself, I had to ask my friends to tell on me., and they were only too happy to oblige - no surprise there. Here's the results:

From Renn:
Cravey is handier around the house than most men, and generally more reliable.

She also doesn't suffer fools.

(Is this Renn, or what? Short, to the point and funny. Me likey)

From The Real Mandaroo:
cravey cusses at loved ones when she sleeps*

cravey likes to drink and watch little kids bust their ass*

cravey is a splitter. she'll split things with you in a restaurant. and she knows that crab cakes and green tomatoes make total sense.

*best friend in a hurty time

*will tell you what you need to hear and not bullshit you.

*has a mad crush on rob zombie. which if you see his movies...makes you say, 'huh?' cuz he's fucked up.

*likes a little righteous violence

*eats desert for breakfast

this is why i love cravey

(love you back roo)

From the double-secret-probation-blogger-formerly-known-as-prince (ok, not exactly but I'm not sure he doesn't want to remain anonymous)

From your blog, you're a Christmas-hating curmudgeon who loves running, German shepherds, close friends, and having your house unmolested.

The less obvious stuff: you are intimidatingly kind and pretty, smarter than most people, easy-going as long as things are going your way, incredibly generous, and you smile all the time.

(hands down, one of the nicest things anyone a relative stranger has said to me, EVER)

From the magnanimous Tiff:

1) you are a hysterically funny woman
2) you have a penchant for terrifically ugly running shoes

I thought of a bunch of other things, but then realized that because who you are on your blog is very much the same as who you are in person, I'd just be saying what people already know.
oh wait.

3) you have stunning green eyes.
4) you know that lipstick is a girl's best friend

Okay, I think I was supposed to have six people respond, but only these guys responded, so that's all you get, and other than typos (Tiff) there was no editing. Really. It appears, these people really do like me.

Which seems as good a way to end a year as any.

Very best wishes to all of you in 2008.

I like you back.


Brianf said...

I always knew there was something I liked about you. You're a good sport for tackling this meme. I'll do my best not to tag you next year, of course unless it's a good meme, like this one.
"you have stunning green eyes."
People tell me that too.
Have a Great and Wonderful New Year.

Her Roo-ness said...

people tell brain that jenny has stunning green eyes???
you do though.
and you are wicked funny. you make me laugh out loud more than maybe anyone i know.

kenju said...

I think you are just stunning in general - and I miss you. Happy New Year!

Sparky said...
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tiff said...

Typos? Who me? Heh. Thanks for the fix.

Happy '08! Woo!

tiff said...

Also? I'm wondering why I don't get a talkback in parentheses and tiny type. Hrmph.

Scottsdale Girl said...

Please don't hate me for being a slacker on this one. I barely hit the PC over my vacation and damnit I am sorry.

Love me? Yes you do! :) k.

utenzi said...

Happy New Year, Jenn. I'm sorry I'm a mite late.