Friday, August 15, 2008

Go World! and Thanks

I use my automatic timer on my coffee-pot as an alarm clock. This makes one of my not so favorite things (waking up in the morning) much more pleasant because it is one of my favorite noises (the coffee pot finishing its task) that usually jars me from my sleep.

The downside of this is that the buttons on my coffeepot are easily bumped, say when putting the pot back on the burner, cleaning it, or breathing in close proximity to them. This morning, I got out of bed, stumbled into the shower, brushed my teeth, dressed, etc, only to arrive in the kitchen to realize it was about 90 minutes before I even needed to be awake. The really bad part is that this is the second time this week it’s happened because I didn’t fix the damn clock the first time.

Normally, an hour wouldn’t make too much difference, because Granny Cravey, she is in bed (usually) between 930-1000pm but I cannot stop watching the Olympics and I am up late every night. I have watched Archery. And Waterpolo. Things I do not care about it. At All. However, if you throw a couple of flags up I am apparently, unable to turn away.

Oh, and NO I am not tired of watching Michael Phelps win, nor do I hate the women volleyball bikinis, because if I had Kerry Walsh’s ass I would wear nothing but bikini bottoms, EVERYWHERE. Corporate dress code be damned. I also don’t care why divers shower after diving, they are doing incredibly cool, twisty, turny things at the exact same time as the person next to them and I don’t care about much else (why do you?) I also do not know if the Chinese women’s gymnasts are 12 or 16, and either way, I don’t care. Have I cleared that up, co-workers? Excellent, now shut up and either love the Olympics like I do, or go back to your offices and whine to someone else just leave me out of it. I am in love with the Olympics and your bitterness will not taint me.


I want to thank everyone for their kind words about my friend Dennis..
I am frustrated to report that they still have not caught the dirt bag who took my friends life. I check every day and I hope, but so far.. nothing.

Thank you all again for caring about me and about him and the many other people he left behind. It matters to know this.


Mojo said...

Girl, you just don't even know how happy I am to hear you sounding like yourself again. Or at least more like yourself. (I still have that ticket btw.)

And WTF time zone is your blog set for? Bermuda? The Azores? Where in the world is it 4:30pm right now?

Sounds like your coffee maker isn't the only thing that got bumped. *wink*

tiff said...

The Olympics are addictive, which is why I am not watching them. I almost got sucked in by beach volleyball the other night, but wisely broke away, or I'd still be there, remote in hand, waiting for the start of midget fencing or something.

I do hope that justice will come soon to the assbag who killed Dennis. It's the least that the universe can do.

Tracy Lynn said...

I 7hearts; you. OLYMPICS YAY!

Tracy Lynn said...

That was supposed to be I ♥ you, but my fingers, they do not always obey me.

Mojo said...

So that's the code for it. I was trying to figure out the Unicode... didn't realize that had gotten so popular that it had its own whatchacallit (intrinsic constant? no, that's not it...)
Anyway, What TL said!
I ♥ you too girl!

Her Roo-ness said...

didn't fix it the first time?
we are so sisters.
let's eat grilled cheese.

i hope they catch that guy, too. when my friend sammy got it, it took them 4 months to catch the guy a hundred or so miles away. but dennis's boys will be looking harder than the cops here were, i am sure. i kept thinking of some kind words, but i don't have much more than the 'aw shit' i had last week.

you can't mess up coffee with a dog party... i'm jes sayin....

Cravey said...

Mojo, I have no idea, but I like it.

TL - I 17 you back. :)

Tiff - midget fencing, that ain't funny. not even a little bit.

Roo - i had grilled cheese yesterday for lunch, but it wasn't nearly as good as 'beach grilled cheese' and yes, coffee is always better with dancing dogs.
miss you girl.


rennratt said...

I wasn't aware that the Olympics were going to be on until you and TL told me all about it.

Now, I have a 7 1/2 year old girl wearing a gold medal (Dollar Tree) and yelling at random people. LOUDLY.

I'm generally not a fan of bikinis at ALL (strict upbringing), but the beach volleyball girls? Well toned, healthy...and dare I say, well covered for a bikini. :)

caroline said...

OMG, Jenny. Just stopping by your blog again after a too-long break and read about Dennis. It's been several years since he and I "talked" (gotta love technology).

He is definitely one of the fun memories of high school. Sitting out front with all of us during 10-minute break and lunch when he made it to "the high school side." I remember his warped sense of humor (might be why he fit in so well despite the age and other differences) and his goofy laugh.

He was a good person. I'm with you - I hope the rat-bastards who killed him are caught and that they suffer greatly when they are.


kenju said...

I love the Olympics just as you do, and I would have been watching non-stop if I hadn't gone out of town for my reunion. Non-stop watching will resume tonight!!

spacedaisy said...

girl, i love the olympics so much i actually broke down and posted a myspace blog about them. miss you there.

miss you, in general. you made me snort. laughed out loud in room all by myself. thanks. =)

spacedaisy said...
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