Friday, November 28, 2008

No turkey here

It’s been a few years since I’ve done the traditional turkey and fixings style Thanksgiving. To be honest, as far as traditional Thanksgiving food goes, the only thing I really love is the pies. I like my sweet potatoes plain, stove top stuffing is just fine with me, don’t understand the canned cranberry thing (sorry Dr. Err), could go the rest of my life without eating another mashed potato, and turkey is just okay.

And yes, I get that the holiday is about more than the food, but my family, we’re all over the place, and honestly, my family is the kind that celebrates our differences and different choices every bit as much, if not more, than the need to sit around the table once a year and eat until we’re all considering bulimia.

Wednesday, I decided to look for a local turkey trot, and found an 8k in a neighboring town. After a long visit to the farm Wednesday afternoon, I drove over to the sports store hosting it and stood in a very long line to register.

It was 29 degrees when I rolled out of bed this morning to eat and prep for the race. After picking up my chip and making my final running wardrobe decisions I walked to the start. There was a 1 mile fun run before the 8k, mostly little kids, running their guts out, and frequently crying at the finish. At least at a distance, this is adorable.

Although they had chip timing at this race, they had no clock at the start/finish so I have only the roughest of ideas on how long it took me to run 4.97 miles this morning. What I do know is that I had a great run. I felt really strong through every bit of it, and discovered that my hill workouts are paying off. My climbing is strong. I consistently gained ground on hills instead of losing or just maintaining.

For wallflowers race starts are excellent people watching. In most every other environment ladies win the most outrageous outfit contest – not at race starts, here, the men have it. Yes, I’m talking about the over 50 year old man wearing bright blue spandex pants with pink and white “waves” splashed down the side, and his matching, but opposing colors spandex long sleeved shirt. People, if this guy had worn a cape, I couldn’t have been any more amused.

I had enough gas in the tank to kick it to the finish line, grabbed my water bottle and fig newton, walked around a little in the crowd, stripped the chip off my shoe, and headed for my truck. Realizing just how cold I really was revised my plan to head to the farm for a ride and I became quickly convinced that a cup of hot chocolate and an even hotter shower was the only real choice I had.

I read an article recently about Paula Radcliffe it said she had a sign taped to her bathroom mirror that said “there will come a day when I can no longer do this.Today, is not that day”.

Today, among all the other really good things in my life, I’m grateful that today wasn't that day for me either.

However you celebrate and demonstrate gratitude in your life, do it well.


Mojo said...

I seriously believe that Spandex should be a Schedule II controlled substance. Or at least require licensing of some kind. Because damn.

Been a while since you favored us with a race story girl... I'm glad to hear it went so well. Not that I had any doubts or anything, it's just good to "hear" you in a good mood.

And I'm totally diggin' that whole bathroom mirror trick. I could use something like that I think. Most days anyway. But I think I need it stenciled on my alarm clock instead of the bathroom mirror.


Doctor Err said...

I am glad you ran, I hope you had wv hot chocolate and ate a whole damn pie.
But I missed you all damn day.

Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, well done. :-)

tiff said...

Tracy's avatar is BLONDE!

Also, well done on the run my friend. You're an example to us all.

kenju said...

I'm proud of you!

rennratt said...

Well done!

Carmi said...

You rock on so many levels. But you knew that. I think you may have pushed me over the edge to actually try running again.

I got away from it years ago as I shifted into commuting by bike. But darn it if I'm gonna keep missing out on the people watching fun that you describe here. I'm so in!

Maria said...


Cravey said...

@Mojo you gotta get over the spandex thing if you're going to run - it's a part of life and truth be told as nutty as they be dressed, there are fewer people nicer than runners.

@Dr.Err - I never got my pie, it just didn't happen., the hot chocolate made up for it though.
Missed you too.

@Kenju, Tiff, TL, Renn, Thank you for the congrats.

@Carmi - Nice to see you - and good for you for giving it another shot, with your photo skills, you ought to at least try and hang out around a finish line, you will undoubtedly see some amazing stuff.

@MARIA - Thanks for the Woot! :)
How's the hammy?


Warped Mind of Ron said...

OMG! Way to go! I did an 8k once, but I was chasing an ice cream truck. OK... it wasn't really 8k it was more like half a block and I still passed out.