Sunday, December 17, 2006

The suck

I think I need to have a "we need to talk moment" with a friend.
As in, I think I need to do the equivalent of breaking up with her.
She was the first person I met when I moved to NC that I actually wanted to hang out with outside of work. As I suspected we did have some really good times and shared some laughs. I got to tour Mayberry with her.
Early on I saw the warning signs but I held out hope that it wasn't really going to be a problem.
Turns out it is a problem.

I shouldn't be surprised and I definitely shouldn't be hurt. But here I am, both of those things.

It occurs to me that I can't even whip out the 'let's be friends' stand-by because, well, she's turned out to be rather bad at that, which is why I need to break up with her in the first place.
It also occurs to me that I've never done this with a girlfriend before. I've lost touch with people, drifted apart from people, physically moved away from friends I then didn't keep in touch with..but never have I felt the need to say to a girlfriend 'hey this didn't work out..good luck'
I don't even think I know how to do this. I'd almost like to hope that I don't have to, that I can just not do anything, but I know she's going to call tomorrow and behave as though everything is just fine. I can even tell you what time she'll call me.

This blows.


Biff Spiffy said...

I got an idea... invite her to read today's post! Then you can hand her a steaming latte and say, "It's you, sweetie."

On 2nd thought, that's probably a bad idea. Unless you already did it, then, go you!

I have a friend that went through this. He wrote a long letter, and got a good response, and it ended well. It took him a week to write it, but he says it was worth it.

Tracy Lynn said...

I had to do this, but it didn't end well, mostly because I was totally insane at the time and so unable to be measured and thoughtful. All I could think was ESCAPE!

Good luck. My fingers crossed for you.

tiff said...

You can do it. I'll help you write the script!

Unless it's me, and I'm pretty sure it's not, becuase I've never been to Mayberry.