Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Seven Songs

My most favorite Trivia Queen and Southern Belle tagged me for this, and some people I cannot/will not deny.

I followed her example and did this without much thought, just wrote from the top of my head; in the end, I like what I conjured on short notice.

The River -- Bruce Springsteen
This reminds me of my misspent youth with a very special friend who I loved then, and knowing what she went through in the years we lost each other makes me love her even more. I admire her strength more than words can say, and I *see* her in this song.

My Favorite Mistake -- Sheryl Crow
I’ve had a lot of these and this song makes me feel better about them.

At This Point in My Life -- Tracy Chapman
Because if I could be Ally McBeal for 10 minutes, this would absolutely be my theme song.

Broken -- Days of The New
The pain in this song is so real you can almost pick it up.

American Pie -- Don McLean

I know a lot of people that hate this song. I adore it. I have some very specific older brother related memories associated with this song, and if you ever see a woman singing this (badly) at the top her lungs banging on the dashboard - Hi. It's me.

Lose Yourself -- Eminem
This is a guilty pleasure song. He’s almost as bad as Vanilla Ice. But this is THE best running song, EVER.

Fighter -- Christina Aguilera
My favorite tough girl song. I was slow to get on the Christina bandwagon, thinking she was just another bubble gum pop singer, but she won me over with Stripped.

I’m supposed to tag 7 for this, but I owe Carolina Purl a tag, so I’m tagging her.
When you’re done painting, Ms. Purl, get right on that. I *know* you’ve got the music in you.


rennratt said...

Uh, for the record, the chick singing American Pie (badly) could also be me.

I also may be singing "Cover of the Rolling Stone" by Dr. Hook

or anything by Meat Loaf.

Just not right now.

I like CA, but am more of a Pink fan. Love. Her.

roo said...

From hood with Soul:
anything tracy c sings is golden.
days of the new don't suck.
anybody who went to hs in alaska loves american pie. don't revoke my ghetto pass.
Christina. what can i say? there is no shame in her game.
eminem. really. there isn't much in his either. and it KILLS me to write that. he's such a bitch.
Sheryl crow needs a sammich and bruce has a nice butt. that is all.

Anne said...

Wow, I haven't heard most of those songs. I'm glad you didn't tag me. :)

tiff said...

I loves me some eminem. The shame. I would dare anyone to not like "my name is" (or whatever it's called) - I submit that it's impossible to do so.

Also, Xtina has got pipes of gold-pressed latinum (beware, that was a geek joke and this blog may now explode). She can SING! Yow!

Anonymous said...

I love Eminem as well -- 'Lose Yourself' was a summer anthem around my house a few years back, and I could proudly keep up with the best of 'em on it. And American Pie? Yow -- blast from the past. The parts of the past that I can remember, that is...ahem.

kenju said...

The only one I know is American Pie, and I always sing along with it. I like Pink too, whenever I see her on TV.