Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ala Mandaroo, it's Trash Day.

I dreamt last night that I invented a new Barbie, her name was Freaky Varroom, and she was stylishly dressed (if this were 1980 something) in a black denim jumpsuit and trench coat.
I have no idea yet am somewhat afraid of what this means.

I am overwhelmed this fall by a sense of urgency to just get to the end of this year. I just want January to get here, and I have no real reason to feel that way. I keep catching myself looking at the calendar and wish I could flip the page, hang the new runner’s world calendar and get on with it.
Get on with what, I don’t exactly know.

I just heard on the news that Triple A expects this Thanksgiving to be the heaviest travel year EVER! Is it just me, or do they say this crap every year? Do you ever wonder if it stops anyone from traveling? Stop wondering. It’s probably going to stop me. I am not proud of this fact about me, but it is true that I often find myself praying for a fully automatic weapon when surrounded my mini vans loaded down with luggage and DVD watching children that want me to wave at them.
This probably makes me not a very nice person.

After reading the story of the 14 year old girl that killed herself after a MySpace relationship ended - a relationship that turned out to be a cruel joke played by A FULL-GROWN ADULT – the mother of a child that used to be friends with the dead teenager, I am even more convinced that having children should require a mental examination, and a license of some kind. Just because you can reproduce, doesn’t mean you should. This whole thing makes me ill. I’m pretty sure we should all stop with the “what’s wrong with kids today?”, and start asking “what’s wrong with parents today?”

After my disappointing seminar in Atlanta a few weeks ago, I couldn’t help but be a little happy (or maybe, a lot) at the fact that the woman who taught the seminar did horribly (for her) at the National Championships a few weeks ago. I’d like to say this was her Karma – but it’s probably just me being a small person.
I can totally live with that.

I spent a large portion of the day yesterday with a leaf blower in my back yard. It took me the first hour to teach the puppy that the leaf blower is not an evil thing trying to kill me, and he really shouldn’t bite it. I’m pretty sure I had more fun blowing leaves than anyone else on my block yesterday, well anyone but the puppy.

On a more together day, I probably could have written an entire post on any of these topics. Instead, I took a cue from Mandy, and left the clutter in my head out on the curb with all those leaves.


kenju said...

Is it my imagination, or have you changed your template?

I feel exactly as you do - get this year over with and on to the next! But then, I find myself feeling that way every year about this time.

P.S. send that recipe if you can find it. I love lasagna!

utenzi said...

I saw that on the news, and was quite disgusted. To imagine that woman spent over a month wooing a vulnerable teenage kid with a fake identity just to dump her at the end is beyond "sick". That alone should constitute a crime. The suicide that resulted just brings the point home all the more. I understand why there's no legal recourse as a result of the suicide---but the intentional lying that the adult woman did to the girl with a malicious agenda really should be actionable. IMHO.

tiff said...

Whatever "mother" that was should have her lips pulled off her face.

And then she should be killed.

Is that too horrible to say???

Her Roo-ness said...

Barbie: heh.
End the year: cuz there is snowboarding to be done, beaches to comb, graduation parties to go to and december just gets in the damn way.
also, in the last runners world, if you turn to the back couple pages, there's this article on a mojo running team...hah.
MiniVans: the devil's transport.
Myspace: yeah. mom and dad ever notice that their kid was screwed up before??? some women never get over being a bitchy 15 year old girl.
Dog training douche bag lady: karma works...and so do, apparently, eat shit and die vibes from ohio. who's a bad person now???
Leaf blower: hee hee... Mat (with out me knowing...) got hank a lazer pointer yesterday. m'yeah. that is an outside toy.

JustRun said...

I am thankful I'm not traveling this year but also sort of wish I were. I always wave at the kids, when I'm not flipping of their parents for cutting me off. Ha. Kidding. Kind of.

No Celery Please said...

Nice new look!

Scottsdale Girl said...

New template!

Catching up on your blog today!

Happy Thanksgiving!

EXCLAMATION POINT!!!!111!!one!11

Brianf said...

"but it is true that I often find myself praying for a fully automatic weapon when surrounded my mini vans loaded down with luggage and DVD watching children that want me to wave at them."
You too 'eh? I thought it was just me. :)
I am with you 100% in wanting a long drawn out process to allow breeding, sometimes. For years I have wished someone would figure out a test for parenting. So you a DVD player in your SUV? Deined! Learn to talk to your kids!

6truck said...

Aaah...your blog brings a tear to my eyes (and not all of it is related to the new layout ...;P )... I miss my big assed GSD Tackling me after a 75 foot full-throttle run in an attempt to kill the big orange thing on my back... It also reminds me of the 6,924,845 sq. ft. of Leaves which are needing to be reblown, raked , and bagged at my own little compound in the Piedmont.

January's bring mixed emotions for me, but, then again so do February's, March's etc. etc..maybe its the meds...

I suppose we were destined to differ on something sooner or later; so here's where I take the position of digital scumag, and pose this question:

Doesn't Darwins Theory apply to all animals? Humans included? I would agree that the parent posting all of the crap on MySpace crossed a line or two, and should be held accountable, however, all people should be accountable for their actions. It's a tragedy for certain, but then again, isn't that the irony of it all?

you should call me...we haven't actually TALKED in awhile.
Take Care,

Anne said...

Did I miss something? What happened with the dog training lady?

Funny about your dream. Maybe you're worried about being or appearing stuck in the past?

Anonymous said...

OMG. If I were you, I would register and copyright the name "Freaky Varroom" right now.


Biff Spiffy said...

Ditto, copyright that name. For what, who knows, but it's good.

It took me a couple visits to get used to the green format, and now you've gone and fuxed with my world again... Ah well. I'll deal with it. I've got both alcohol and milk in the fridge, so we'll see which one helps more.

Ditto on the waiting for something to happen. I hate waiting with the fury of a thousand white hot farts. Happy almost day!