Sunday, June 22, 2008

Snake Charmer

So when your neighbor rings your doorbell at noon on a Sunday afternoon, what are they looking for?

-- a cup of sugar?
-- someone to keep an eye on their house while they go on a weekend trip?
-- borrow some gas for the lawnmower?

'Round here, it's "hi, sorry about my attire (a blue mumu), but could you come catch the snake in my yard?"

Now, a reasonable woman would say, "um, no, but thanks for letting me know, I'll bring the dogs in."

Since there are no reasonable women here, I just spent the last 20 minutes or so with a couple of recycle bins cornering a snake behind her air conditioning unit, and eventually, shoo-ing him into a bin.

Once in the bin, with the lid securely on, I walked him around the corner and down the street to the woods at the end of my neighborhood. He slithered quickly and (I imagined) happily off into the woods once I pulled the lid off the recycle bin.

The good news is that catching him enabled me to get a good look at him - and he wasn't a copperhead. Those things scare me, not so much for me, but for my dogs, who love nothing more than to chase a slithery critter... and the veterinary expenses for treatment of a snakebite are wicked-high.

So at least I can let that worry go. However, it does occur to me that I should maybe have checked to see if he was of the venomous variety BEFORE chasing him around my neighbors yard.

Next time your neighbor stops by, and all they want is a garden-variety favor. Say Thank you.


Mojo said...

Snakes... can locusts and creepy clowns be far behind?

But seriously? I think I would've been more frightened of the mumu, because... damn.

Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, my mom puts her dogs through snake training every couple of years. Check it out.

Cravey said...

Mojo, Um, creepy clowns better be far behind....cuz I'd face a whole buncha copperheads instead long before one creepy clown.

Also, should you have the time review my archives for a post involving an ice pick (in the title) and you'll know just how disturbing that mumu and that neighbor IS.

TL - snake training? Where do I go to check this out?


Tracy Lynn said...

JC, I'll ask my mom and email you.

Mojo said...

Any time someone mentions the very word "mumu" I cringe inwardly. I have my reasons.

And now I have one more.

kenju said...

I have chased down and killed a bunch of snakes in my day, but now I leave that to others! I guess I'll call you next time, huh?

Her Roo-ness said...

i've said it before and i'll say it again.

you're bad ass, J.

db grin said...

What roo said! I wish you were my neighbor, in case I see any nasty critters what need herding.

Oh, and I fulfilled your request, hope it meets your standards.

rennratt said...

Holy CRAP.

What kind of snake WAS it? Racer?

They may not have poison, but those things are NASTY.

Cravey said...

I have a 'no kill' program going - catch and release only. I firmly believe snakes are not evil and are keeping other critters I don't want in my house/garage out of my house and garage. But, yeah, I'll happily catch 'em for you!

Mandy, heh. thanks.
DB - you too - I have to go read it again, I started yesterday but kept getting interrupted by work. sheesh. pesky obligations.

Renn, he was a 'red bellied watersnake' apparently pretty harmless, but he did freak me out a bit when he came at me once.

JustRun said...

I would NOT have been able to do that. OMG, OMG, OMG would have been my response. (And I hardly ever OMG.) Just the picture makes me want to seal off my house out of fear.

Carmi said...

I have to join the chorus here: the mumu would freak me out even worse than the snake.

Yes, I'm laughing hysterically at the thought!

tiff said...

She shoulda used the ice pick on it and left you alone.

db grin said...

Tell me I'm not nuts. Was there a post after this one? Wha happened? Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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