Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No right-thinking person likes brussel sprouts, SHUT UP. I MEAN IT.

So, I am trying very hard this week to work on a project where they want me to discuss in detail that the complete blood count values were normal and within the standard reference ranges and (my favorite part) they want me to "be excited about it"... are you kidding me?
First the fact that they were normal pretty much means there aren't any details to discuss, and that IS pretty much the exciting part.
Yeah, I know, my stomach drops like I'm on a roller coaster too. I've been giving serious consideration to just changing all the periods in this section to exclamation points and returning it.
(Bet the results of that would be pretty exciting.)
So I hate that part of my life right now. It makes my brain hurty and honestly it makes me wish spitballs were an acceptable form of responding to these types of comments

Summer it has arrived in North Carolina as of this week. It is marvelous.

My Dad turned 77 a couple weeks ago, and father's day is just around the corner. Last year when I called him for one of those occasions (I can't remember which one) he responded with "aren't we done with that shit?", this year, I'm just sending cards.

As a kid, I hatedthe brussel sprouts, and spent many a night sitting at the kitchen table refusing to eat them. As an adult my dislike for them is often met with shock, apparently they are wonderful and delicious and good for you and cure acne and hangnails and maybe even mongolian body rot, such things of wonder they are. Soooo.. I tried again. I bought a little net bag full of fresh brussel sprouts and plopped them into a Ziploc steamer bag (if you haven't tried these - you are missing out) with some spices and 4 ish minutes later... blech. they still suck. Now all of you that have been nagging me? Shut up and Get off my back. Someone owes me 5 bucks and something else to eat for lunch.

Awhile ago, a co-worker/friend and I joined weight watchers at work, and I've been teaching her to run, using the Couch to 5k program I started with 4 years ago. Her target race is in two weeks, and I'm so hapy and proud of her, I cried the day she called me and told me she ran 15 minutes straight for the first time. We're doing the Komen Race for the Cure here in Raleigh and since her mom passed away 5 years ago from breast cancer it's especially important to her. Running with her has been great for me, as it's reminded me of all the lessons I learned, and all the mini-victories that I didn't celebrate enough. It's allowed me to recommit to my running and I've picked a target race for my next marathon and I am as excited about it as I was the first one. Although I'm not sure I knew it.. that is what I have been waiting for.


Wordnerd said...

Congrats on the commitment to running -- I'm still on the couch in that regard. Too darn hot now to start, too.

And I love your dad.

Tracy Lynn said...

Here you go, dude.

"No Right Thinking Person Likes Brussel Sprouts. SHUT UP. I MEAN IT."

Mojo said...

I like brussel sprouts. But my thinking has always been left-leaning so I guess that tracks.

Glad to see you're back J!

Her Roo-ness said...

exclamations won't be enough. add italics....

i vote cards, too.

the ONLYest time I ever went off on my mom was when she fixed brussel sprouts (well, hell, we had mongolian body rot...) and i gagged mine down (i was maybe 16) and my dad called from work (remember he was gone like a week at a time) and she let hers get cold and was like, "oh yuck. these got cold I can't eat them"
i'm pretty sure my head exploded and that confetti came out my neck.

what one, what one, what one?????? and do you want company who brings liquor for after?

Cravey said...

Miss Nerd, lovely to see you. :)
I love my dad too... the crotchety old fart.

TL - you never ever ever let me down.

Mojo - tis good to be back.

Roo - Myrtle Beach, Februrary 2009.
Seems like a damn good time to get out of Ohio. Bring yer dog.
Also, I can't believe Brussel sprouts taste any worse cold. gag.

kenju said...

We once had a neighbor who loved brussels sprouts and wanted to eat them everyday! His wife put the kibosh on that! I can eat them, but not often, please.....LOL

tiff said...

Brussels sprouts are the work of some small devil. Truly, they are evil. Not even sour cream can wipe out the bitter taste of hate each and every one of them contains.

JustRun said...

Way to go on the WW and running-- I can identify with both right now, coincidentally.

As for the brussels sprouts, I'm a former childhood hater, reformed adult lover. I know, I know.

No Celery Please said...

Brussels Sprouts are just tiny, evil, little cabbages. Do NOT be fooled by the fact that miniature things are usually cute.

Brianf said...

Oh, I'm sure I'm going to catch some grief here but......
I LOVE Brussel Sprouts!
Steamed just right with salt, pepper and dipped in butter. Yum!
Then again I ate sushi once. Now that was disgusting! Oh yea and sauerkraut. Bleech!

Sizegain said...

All the best with the script. Blogging is a time waster - I can't be bothered much at the moment either.

Cravey said...

Kenju, I cannot imagine.

Tiff, 'bitter taste of hate' that is poetry my friend.

Justrun, it's about time I found something about you that I didn't understand. :)

NCP, I am officially, fooled no more.

Brian, there you've summed up what's wrong with you. You LIKE brussel sprouts and hate Sushi?!$!! That is just wrong.

Sizegain, I don't know who you are, but I think I'm insulted.

db grin said...

Sizegain is my hero, saying things I could only wish to think to say.

(teh fuck?)

Ennyway, I used to mildly dislike brussels sprouts, but now I kinda like 'em. Not enough to go buy some, but if they were offered I would eat. That is all.

Yay for your run, and for being someone's cherished mentor!

(btw, do not underestimate your influence)