Wednesday, November 15, 2006


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My co-workers started an email chain the other day, I can't remember what inspired it, but it started out as 'what song or songs will make you leap to change the radio statio the second you realize what's coming on?'.
The girl who started it, (we'll call her 'Pearl') selected "We built this city" by Jefferson Starship., other contestant entries were 'She's like the wind' by Patrick Swayze; Hey Mickey (by that annoying 80's band who's name is gratefully blocked from my memory); and Tommy TuTone's 867-5309, and my personal most hated "I would do anything for love" by yep you guessed it, Meatloaf.
After a day of dragging things best left in the dark out into the light of day for one more round of insults we switched it up to 'what song/songs will you "throw a bow" into anyone who gets in your way as you head to the dance floor?" or maybe compel you to pick up the nearest hairbrush and 'air microphone ' your way around the house?
I was stumped. The emails were a-flyin' this category inspired everyone. One of my favorites that was offered up was "Meeting in the ladies room" - But when I started thinking about "my songs" I was empty-handed. I couldn't come up with anything. I couldn't believe it. I love music why couldn't I come up with anything?
I left work that day and mercilessly scrolled through radio stations looking for "my songs"... no luck. I looked through my CD's., nothing strikes me. This was just depressing.
It's been about a week, and I'm still thinking about this., thankfully, I've found a few... and in retrospect discovered that "my songs" are directly related to my mood. For example, the songs "Roam" by Metallica, "Raise Up" by Saliva and "Break Something" by Limp Bizkit not only pick my pace up when I'm listening to them on my Ipod while running, but get in my way and I will throw a bow at your azz.
John Lennon's Imagine still makes me cry., .. Steely Dan's entire Aja album makes me think of my brother..the very best memories I have of him., and (insert diety of your choice) help me, American Pie (Don McLean) makes me laugh until I cry. I have a very specific brother-Mark memory attached to this song, and it still makes me giddy. Miles Davis' CD, Kind of Blue makes me remember an ex-boyfriend who turned me onto Jazz, ultimate fighting and the problems that surround growing weed in your bathroom. All the great old Springsteen makes me think of my best friend from High School, when I got her wedding invitation this past summer with a Springsteen quote on it, I knew not matter how many years had passed, the 15, 16, 17 year old girl I had so much fun with, got in SO much trouble with was still *there*, Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers, that's all Heather, one of my favorite people of all time., Tupac's "holla if ya' hear me' doesn't make me think of anyone, but totally makes me feel cool, Marilyn Manson, an ex-boyfriend who wanted to wear my underwear, and a friend who, disgusted with my Manson fascination took me to a Manson show., thinking I'd "get over it". - it backfired on him. I lost touch with Jason, but everytime I see Manson's creepy anti-christ superstar look, I think of Jason Hersey.
So, I feel redeemed, I found them: my songs, my music.. and it was such a great journey., all those great memories.
What fun.
If you're reading, for whatever reason.. post yours..I'd love read what your associations are, and what they inspire in my memories.
Edited to Add: Lace, I don't know how I let WASP and Cinderella slip through without an honorable mention. I laugh everytime I hear ol' Blackie Lawless, the background music to my de-flowering... And Cinderella, well my history with you and that Cinderella album is cemented in my brain. In fact, make sure Nightsongs gets played at my funeral., and you, have my permission to sing "Spiders from Mars" on top of my coffin (should I have one)..or better yet, 'Proud Mary" Tina Turner style.
Peas and carrots:? maybe. but damn it, peas and carrots are good.

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