Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Things that make me go hmmmm..

It's only 7:48 Am.

Here's what's happened so far today.

When I got up to let the dog out, on my deck right in front of the grill was a perfect specimen of the animal commonly known as 'grey squirrel'..perfect in every way except he was thoroughly dead. How did this come about? Why would you pick my deck to spend your last moments little squirrel? Imagine my dog's glee when he saw it. Imagine the wave of nausuea as I attempted to retrieve one dead squirrel from my dog who thought 'flip the squirrel up and try to catch it' was a great pre-breakfast game. Ew.

There was a message on my cell phone this morning from my friends in Virginia, I'm paraphrasing but the gist of the message was

"Hey, why don't you come up this weekend, A.'s roller ball team is having a jello-wrestling thing at a bar downtown"

First of all - ROLLER BALL?! Seriously? Who knew A. was playing roller ball? I thought roller ball was just 'real' in Happy Days re-runs. Second - what does roller ball have to do with jello-wrestling? Lastly, most importantly why do they think I want to go?

While flipping stations on my much-loved Satellite radio this morning, I stumbled across a band called 'GOAT WHORE'... so, there's a garage band (come on, has to be) and they are sitting around trying to come up with a name to plaster on their demo CD , and this was what they came up with? Please try to imagine the discussion that took place to arrive at GOAT WHORE. Talk amongst yourselves and get back to me.

Okay, so I admit after re-reading this that maybe it's not weird for some people but this is a weird start to my day. I'm a little scared of what's ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Please try to imagine the discussion that took place to arrive at GOAT WHORE.

There is no discussion. These things just happen. However, you're right. It is kind of haunting.