Friday, November 24, 2006

Painting Lessons

You can forget Picasso, this ain't that kind of painting.

I'm painting my bedroom this holiday weekend; and in the spirit of share-y-ness and while I wait for my primer to dry; here's what I 've learned so far.

1. Do not believe hardware store guy when he tells you won't need more paint. Although he is hardware story guy, is wearing the hardware store guy vest, and is showing the appropriate ratio of bvd:butt skin-- he too will succumb to the universal law that Math. Is. Hard.

2. The answer to the question "Do I have enough drop cloths?" is No. Hell No.

3. Removing the occasional stray dog hair from just applied primer is not easy or fun. Thankfully, one more coat of primer and noone has to know.

Sidebar: I have had satellite radio in my car for about a year now. I love my XM. Next stop after painting is to go buy that bring-it-in-your-house-adaptor-thingie., because friends, FM just blows.

4. I never knew it until early this morning, but I never need to hear that "Mamma don't take my Kodachrome away" song again.

5. I am not Stretch Armstrong or Olga Korbut. My arm won't stretch to reach that last white spot; and I will not be able to balance the ladder 'just so' to make it happen.

6. I'm pretty sure that after "don't jump on the bed" comes, "don't dance on a ladder."

7. Those little 4 and 6" foam rollers, RULE. Completely worthy of one of those 'real men of genius' budweiser songs.

I bet the bruises will be cool.

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