Thursday, June 7, 2007

8 things you're just dying to know

Tiff tagged me for this, cuz that's just how she is.
I took her to yoga and this is how she repays me.
Ungrateful wench.

  • I suffered a serious back injury in my early 20’s – and although recovered beyond what any of my doctors anticipated or predicted, I have some funny residual nerve damage – there’s a spot on my right hip that when touched, I feel the sensation of touch along my right shoulder blade. I like the image of ‘crossed wires’ this gives me about the neurological system, and since this is the very best outcome possible from my injury, I’ll not complain.
  • I have read pretty much everything written about every/any serial killer, EVER., or at least that I can put my hands on. I had been looking for months for something written about Jack Unterweger and just last weekend found a special on him on A&E. A plane-hopping-bi-continent serial killer, the stuff dreams (ok, maybe nightmares) are made of. Who says laying around on Sunday afternoons was a bad idea?
  • I used to walk and talk in my sleep as a kid. My mom reports I was capable having conversations and performing normal behaviors, like brushing my teeth. Then, I’d do something bizarre like put the vacuum in my bed and curl up in the closet. Rumour has it I still talk in my sleep, but I’ve yet to wake up in the closet. So far as you know.
  • I sometimes take my dogs pain relievers when I have a really bad headache. They often work better than what I’ve been prescribed.
  • I want my next house to be isolated enough to not know if I even have neighbors. With a lake. Please.
  • In 1999 someone stole my identity and mucked up my credit nicely. I didn’t find out until 2004. It took a full year to get it straightened out but not all of it was entirely resolved. You guys should know, this sucks seven kinds of shit.
  • I still have nightmares about the accident in #1. Real shriek-fests. This may very well be why I don’t’ get invited to very many slumber parties.
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of my most favorite scary movies EVER. I love love love to be scared and Leatherface just does it for me.
So there it is.
Happy Friday people.


rennratt said...

I was a sleep walker/talker when I was younger. My sister used to wait until I fell asleep to ask me who I had a crush on.

The brat!

Nooze has inherited this gene, and often wanders out, wide eyed, making wild observations and random confessions.

My favorite (snore) "Momma, I'm sorry. I need to tell you something." (snore, wheeze).

"What, Nooze? Are you ok?"

"Please don't be mad, Momma." (snore)

"I don't know what to do, but I just REALLY. DON'T. LIKE. ZEBRAS." (snore)

"Is that all?"

(snore) "Are you mad?"

"No, hon. I think that's a pretty safe thing not to like."

(snore) "Ok, Momma." (snore, wanders back to bedroom, lays on floor to sleep because she can't find her bed...)

I used to love the serial killer thing.

That love/fascination has been replaced with The Brookside Obesity Clinic show. I watched 4 hours of it last Sunday...

handy said...

O.K.... I can relate to the sleep walk/talking. I still remember the dreams I was seeing when in my 'trance.' Rumour has it that I still speak a bit in my sleep.... I just hope it's not too much!

roo said...

you not only talk, you cus out your sisters and i love you for it. especially since you're a damn acrobat without coffee.
the credit thing freaks me the hell out.
mat loves staci for her sci fi addiction. he's gonna adopt you (and i wish he would since his real sister is a stoopid bitch....but then you're mine so then we'd fight...) over the texas chain saw massacre thing. and i'll ask now cuz he's going to want to you like the rob zombie movies???

Anne said...

The crossed wires thing is a trip. Weird how nerves work. Amazing really.

I used to sleepwalk, and still talk a little in my sleep. One time my ex asked who I was dreaming about because it sounded like I was having some great sex. Sadly I didn't remember any of the dream. Damn. I was ripped off.

kenju said...

I have never sleepwalked, but I am told I do talk in my sleep sometimes. I hate to be scared, so I never watch movies like that. I have, however, read books about killers. Odd.

tiff said...

talk in my sleep? check. whole conversations. one wonders which voice is doing the talking.

And child, I am not ungrateful. You look at the TIMING of the tagging and you'll see that I tagged on on Saturday, and yoga was Sunday. this musdt therefore mean that you wer so glad to be tagged that you took me to yoga.

For which I have yet to repay you.

tiff said...

and look at all the typos. holey carp.

kenju said...

We missed you today!

utenzi said...

I've never read anything about any real serial killers, Cravey. Only fictional ones. Nor have a read any horror fiction nor movies of that genre. Am I really missing out on something here?

Biff Spiffy said...

1. Holy crap, I'm glad you're ok!
2. That's just weird.
3. My oldest did that. We had the house up for sale, but it hadn't sold yet. One night while watching teevee, I hear a 'thump-thud-scrape-thump' down the stairs. Boy had his desk chair upside down on his back, the seat on his head. He announced, 'I'm ready to move!' Had to put bells on the tent zipper when camping in Yellowstone.
4. Hope your liver survives. Probably safe though...
5. I hear the Unabomber's hut is available
6. Crap! Did they find the theives? Did you kick 'em in the jibblies?
7. Aww! How 'bout group campouts?
8. Never saw it. I tend to avoid the scary movies since high school. Sixth Sense is more my speed.