Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Nine

Kingfisher has proclaimed me one of his favorite fishing holes (and yes, that completely freaks me out) and tagged me for this, just in the nick of time, ‘cause these days, I’m struggling. So.. here is The Nine, as Kingfisher says, it’s either sacred or profane, so don’t mess with it.

9 Bad Things About Me

9. When I am having a really bad day, I can rationalize virtually any behavior I would otherwise consider inexcusable, from eating ice cream for dinner, to road rage-like behavior to blowing money I shouldn’t spend.

8. I can be very nice to people I dislike immensely. So nice, it freaks me out a little.

7. I have a bad habit of telling people I’ll attend something relatively trivial (like a happy hour) knowing full well I have no intention of going.

6. I am unspeakably disgusted by people that spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to conceive “their own child” while dozens of children sit in foster care, desperate for a family.

5. I love all those 80’s movies (Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club,Fast Times etc) and could watch them over and over.

4. I’m prone to making big decisions in an instant. So far, it’s worked out well, but the chance that the next one will be a huge mistake is always in the back of my mind.

3. I bite my fingernails

2. My capacity for forgiveness is about half the size of the average thimble. If you recklessly wound me or someone I love, find religion, you’ll find no forgiveness here.

1. I don’t get David Letterman.


utenzi said...

Man but we're different, Cravey. I overlap with you a little on number nine--I can rationalize with the best--but none of the others sound like me at all. Especially #4. I agonize over decisions!

Anne said...

...You're a fishing hole??

I don't think the one about adopting is bad at all. It would be nice if people did that more.

Kingfisher said...

I ignore those that fall under #8.

Totally with you on #7 and #2.

With #6, I am just disgusted with the antics of desperate infertile people, period. The Madonnas and Angelinas piss me off even more.

The rest I either disagree or say "meh."

Nice job! Very few people are willing to be honest with their dirty laundry, and you were first!

kenju said...

I completely agree with # 6!!

Neil said...

I also have that bad habit of #7. I consider it a real weakness of mine, that I wimp out and say I'll go somewhere when I know I probably won't.

Rick said...

You almost lost me at "favorite fishin' hole" but I stuck around for #8. Both of these things freak me the f*ck out.

caroline said...

#5 - Don't forget Footloose! How many times did we see Breakfast Club and Footloose? OMG ... seriously, we went to Springfield Mall theatres and saw those, what, six or seven times each? Talk about blowing money we shouldn't spend! But, oh, what fun!

Can't hang with you on #8. I can be civil to people I dislike immensely. Maybe I can even stretch it to pleasant, but no way can I be nice, much less "very nice" - kind of goes along with your #2 - and I'm totally with you there.

If I don't like you, there's got to be a reason; therefore, that reason usually precludes my being "nice" to you.

Going with #6 - what about those who spend all that money, conceive multiple children (litters?) and then reap the rewards for their little "miracles" - houses, free educations, etc. (Think the McCoughey septuplets). Talk about disgusting!

tiff said...

Can't go there with #8. If I dislike someone, they KNOW it.

Nice list, JC!

Her Roo-ness said...

1. me either. i'd like to pinch him.
2. me too. i don't hate you if you fuckered up that bad, just don't have time, man.
3. so does mat. stop it. botha youse.
4. i think it looks that way with me, but really, i been thinking about it so when the right option hits, i'm ready.
5. breakfast club is my FAVORITE man
6. ME TOO!!!!!! You know my girl out west had invetro-whatsit. Damn. She and her old man are prolly 300-400 pounds overweight combined. Didn't go to THAT trouble. sheesh. Now they're working on #2. And he's GOT TWO ALREADY. pisses me off man.
7. you know my advice. don't not do something you wish you had. case in point.... I nearly bailed on WV and you can see how THAT panned out, huh.
8. yeeeah. i need some of that. could you like Fed Ex it. You know those light up display things that have words going across them at places like the post office? you know like, "available now.... stamps" and stuff. I feel like i got one of them on my forehead that says stuff like, "i hate yo ass"
9. Um. What is wrong with some spin out behavior? Ice cream is good stuff.