Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The run got done, BUT...

PP (pre-puppy) I discovered the wonder that is the mid-day run. No getting up early, nice. No coming home and putting off the swim session for the dog while I get my run in, nicer.

Today I had planned to run at the end of the day, but the stupid project to which I am currently assigned was making me want to stab paper clips through my eyes so I decided today would mark my return to mid-day running.

Here’s how that particular great idea played out.

I realized walking into the gym, I had no hairbrush. Determined to not let that stop me, I decided I could do a ‘good enough’ job with my fingers and a hair dryer.

Note creepy guy in creepy serial killer-style VW van parked out front of the gym, but feel okay about since the door is pass-keyed.

The guy running next to me glances at me and says“I’m sorry”, confused, I responded with with no more than a puzzled look and a shoulder shrug. Seconds later I made the dreadful mistake of breathing. In. Through.My.Nose.
I spent the rest of my 3 miles hating him and trying not to gag.

I am happy to report, (Staci), that I remembered my towel, and soap.

However, that whole lack of hairbrush thing became distinctly more complicated when the hair dryer died about 9 seconds after turning it on and while I don’t think I’m particularly vain, it woulda been nice to go back to work looking a little less like I spent my lunch hour do something racy, and I don’t mean in the running sense.



utenzi said...

I had to read that three times before I figured out the fart reference, Cravey. My mind is working slow--too late in the afternoon for brain cells that are starved for sugar.

tiff said...

Dood - yer hair looked FINE. Trust me.

And whoa, that fart thing is nasty. Nasty.

Was it someone I know? :>

M-Diz said...

my running has suffered to since puppy-dom.
and here's one for ya.
i work out with 18 year old girls who's names i am sure are buffy and muffy.
they don't giggle at me. im strong, out run them and am what we call, 'heavily tattooed' which to girls like that means, "scary."
also when osu built its most recent athletic center, they didn't have blow dryers for a minute. try having the extra 3 or 4 inches I got on you, and holding your head under the hand dryer trying to dry out...

Kingfisher said...

I was a cross-country runner in high school.

I start doing it again when I see one of those early morning bastards smile while doing it.

Anne said...

I almost never blow dry my hair. It hurts the hair. I'm sure you looked fine. :)

kenju said...


roo said...

a nooner and a quickie at that, right?
and i am not mat dammit. i'm not even a dizzle....