Thursday, February 1, 2007

Nothin' doin'

I spent most of today at the dentist. Not fun and still, at this hour, kinda painful.

Two things happened worth sharing - which is a lot considering I left the dentist and worked in my kitchen this evening with no-one but the dog to keep me company. When the numbness dissipated I went to the grocery store because Tif's post made me hungry. I wanted spinach and feta cheese quesadillas (shut up they're awesome).
While checking out, the pock-marked teenager bagging my supplies said (and I quote)
"This sounds weird to say, but you smell like my mom"
Speechless I was.. and I had to actually tell myself to close my mouth.
A little freaked out by the look on my face, pock-marked teenager back-pedaled,
"It's a good smell, I swear"
Once composed, I said "If you plan on having sex at sometime in your life, never say those words to another female"
His turn to be surprised, I think. Was I too hard on him?
Either way, pretty sure Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely is going in the trashcan.

Over the weekend I saw Little Miss Sunshine (Thanks Kim) and it made me think of my friend Kate and I shot her an email. Her response came today. It was memories of her sister, Laura. Apparently Laura had a soft spot for the horrors of life (like Judge Judy and child beauty pageants) - one year Laura made Christmas angel ornaments out of TAMPONS. Soaked the bottom half in food coloring so they would expand like little angel skirts and then made heads and wings. Kate said the red ones were hard to look at. Laura also made mini marshmallow crucifixes for place holders for Easter dinner the first time her fiance's parents came to dinner.

All evening I've been imagining little tampon angels hanging from christmas tree branches.

This might be worthy of buying a tree next year.


Biff Spiffy said...

Poor kid.

rennratt said...

I have a 4 foot table topper that is heading your way.

All I ask is that you take pictures.

Marshmallow crucifixes?!

I'm smelling a craft day here at the Edge of the Great Woods...

(Also, add "Home for the Holidays" to your must see list. Old, but hysterical)

Anonymous said...

Everything about this post is going to haunt me all day.


Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, I am SO making tampon angels next Christmas.

utenzi said...

I agree with the Biff--maybe it's a gender thing. Poor kid.

Tampon angels? Oh, no, no, no!

As for my diet, Cravey, actually I can have most of what I normally eat which is mostly candy. I do love my sugar. I'll also have plenty of spuds, bread, rice and beans. No spinich though and no soybeans (in curd or any other form). And most of all--pasta!

Anonymous said...

I want spinach & feta cheese quesadillas now, thankyouverymuch.

Roo said...

i may die of laughter, girlie

tiff said...

Dude -blogger ate my witty comment. Grrrr.

Next year for christmas gifts at work you can EXPECT to get tampon angels from me. I'm thinking that playtex would work better than tampax for this little exercise.... Might be almost as good as getting HIV or E-Coli, like we did this year.

kenju said...

Thanks for the invitation!! I may take you up on it sometime...LOL

Lace said...

Too funny...