Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Simple Simon and some other stuff.

The Sunday before last I ran 3 of 5 scheduled miles; at mile one my leg hurt a little; at mile two I could feel myself grimacing every time my left foot hit the pavement; and at mile 3 I was looking for a puppy to kick.
I quit at 3. The pain was so bad that when I was trying to "walk it off" I wasn't sure the leg would support me, yeah, that kind of bad.
I went home frustrated. I called my Ironman friend, told him what was going on. After being properly chastised for how long I'd been ignoring it (like 3 weeks) he gave me this plan.

(1) No running til the pain goes away. Not.one.step.
(2) Ice and ibuprofen twice day.
(3) When the pain goes away, cross train only - no stair steppers.

Today was my first run back. Sure, it was super short, just under 3 miles; but I had no pain - AT ALL. I also had the lovely Tiff nearby making the stair stepper her bitch. She makes every workout better - the cute boy wandering around the gym lifting weights didn't hurt either.

All in all, a better day than the last 9 - yeah, because I ran and it didn't hurt me. Turns out I am just simple.

In unrelated-to-anything-really-news, I finally threw away the onion - it's been riding around in my cup holder since I wrote the OCD post. The best part of that? I've had a few people in my car since then, and not one of them has asked why I was driving around with an onion in my cup holder. So, either (a) it's not that weird, or (b) the people I've had in my car know that I'm nuts, or, (c) best option of all, they are just as off as I am and find it completely unremarkable to drive around with an onion in your cup holder.

More unrelated news... I'm having Valentine's day dinner with a friend I haven't seen in 20 years. She was really my brother's friend, but we found each other through the magical Internet (Thank you again, Mr. Gore) and so.. off to Moonlight Pizza we shall go and commence to throw things at all the happy couples. (You've been warned).

And that is that for Monday night at Casa Cravey home of the happy runner-chick.



Roo said...

yay for good runs
yay for cute boys in the gym
yay for car onions
yay for jen

kenju said...

Yeah, yay for especially the cute boy in the gym and Tiff nearby! Glad your foot/leg doesn't hurt now.

tiff said...

You shoulda saved the onion for pizza night. Hee!

Weight training today, my dear. That exer-ball's got MY NAME written all over it.

tiff said...

I know the cute boy's name, if you want it. :>

roo said...

casa del cravey
more fancier
yeah. i said more fancier. call me dr. roo.
write more stuff. it makes me happy.

Biff Spiffy said...

Ditto roo!

And, the onion. Poor, poor onion. Sigh. Hella funny though, it died of a worthy cause.

Amanda said...

yay, have a great valentine's day reunion. and congrats on getting back on the running wagon. i also understand the resistence to taking time to recover. i have had a swollen foot (the ball of my foot actually because of the kind of shoes i insist on walking around in) and i haven't been willing to give it time to heal, either. you're a stronger woman than me.

Begered said...

Hi. Bif Spiffy sent me your way. I am having problems with my knee (training for a marathon), how long were you resting until the pain fianlly went away? I am very concerned becasuse I don't want to fall too far behind in the running schedule...grr, so frustrated!!

Glad to hear your foot is better and as far as the onion in the cup holder, sounds like something kooky I would do! :)