Thursday, February 15, 2007

6 Weird things

(For the owner/operator of the COOLEST trivia quiz on the internet)….

Mmmkay. Since I just did a post about my OCD - I’ll skip those because oh yes, my friends, there is MORE.

1. I was diagnosed as dyslexic in grade school. As an adult that types far more than she writes, at least twice a day, I’ll type a long word entirely backwards, like, hemangiosarcoma… or metastasis..and I don’t catch it until spell check does. I don’t even realize I’m doing it.

2. I am ambidextrous. When I’m nervous, I forget what hand I normally do things with. I’ll just get extraordinarily uncomfortable, and then realize it’s because I’m writing with my left hand.

3. When I was in first grade I had a few seizures. One day I fell asleep in class. My teacher let me sleep and sent the rest of the class out to recess leaving me alone in the classroom. Apparently, I had a seizure, came out of it, and walked home. I got home and watched as my dad killed my pet rabbit. To this day, no-one in my family knows that I know.

4. I once stole a stepladder from an employer on my last day. I was mad at them and it was the only thing I could think of to do on my way out. I still have it.

5. When I’m left alone in doctor’s offices I can’t resist going through the drawers of everything in the room. Sometimes, I take completely useless things, like pens or cotton balls.

6. When I was little and people would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up I always shouted “A garbage-man!”

And that’s all I’m giving you people tonight. I hope Valentine's Day, however you chose to celebrate it, was a smash hit.


Anonymous said...

I love your answers! Except the rabbit part -- that one, not so much. Phew!


Biff Spiffy said...

#1. I wouldn't know if those were forwards or backwards.

#4. My favorite.

#6. Brilliant. But, how did your dreams get derailed?

tiff said...

I am goign to try one more time ot tell you that I've tried leaving a comment here three times now, and they've gone from brolls to irritated to gggrrrrrrrrrr.

So, HI! I'm here.

Your Dad sucked.

tiff said...

Brolls? WTF?

"BRILLS", dagnabit.

Cravey said...

Thanks WN!

Unfortunately the people who read what I type do notice. It sorta ruins the fun of it.

That stepladder sure has come in handy I'll tell ya'. I laugh every time I use it.

I think I just wanted to do that hang on the back of the truck while it was moving thing that garbage men get to do. I think it was the muttering and head shaking responses I got when I screamed it that eventually convinced me I was not making a proper career choice.

and Tiff, I know. He grew up to be a better guy, but he was a first rate ass for a very long itme.

kenju said...

I'm so sorry about your rabbit! Why didn't you ever tell anyone you knew about it?

roo said...

1. Me too. Also, sometimes I make my letters backwards and can’t figure out how to fix it. And I’m FAMOUS for mandy way detra way….
2. So are al and ari. I must like that.
3. That’s illegal. The leaving you alone in the class part. The other part is just fucked up.
4. Kelly and I stole OSU umbrellas when we got fired for our dept being short on funds and quite possibly us being friends. Then, we both went back to work at OSU as grown ups and we’re afraid to use them.
5. I just sit there.
6. Me too. AND I took an aptitude test in jr high that said I should be a sanitation engineer….

Anonymous said...

Dammit. Can I give you a rabbit or something?


Anonymous said...

PS: Would you settle for a re-do of your autumn color picture so the white area around the outside is the same green as your web page?

That's been buggin' me. Because I'm quite likely OCD about that stuff.


Cravey said...

Kenju - I don't know why - I think I was afraid I'd get in trouble for leaving school.?!

'Roo, I'll ride a garbage truck with you ANY DAY!

Roy, I don't want another rabbit, but thanks for the offer, and feel free to 're-do' the picture if you want it. For the record, the picture is of Arrowhead, Heman Melville's home. The moutain range is what he fashioned Moby Dick after. :)

Roy said...


Pic is in the mail.

caroline said...

Weird thing #7 ...

In Jr High & High school, one of her favorite forms of self amusement was pretending to somehow injure herself in the presence of strangers, where the injury resulted in her losing her front tooth. The expressions of these strangers was priceless.

hahahahahahahahaha.... sucks having someone who knows some old secrets responding to your blog, huh?

(btw, the tooth in question was manmade, fitted to a retainer. A childhood mishap required such a remedy in order to keep her from looking like an extra from "Deliverance").

Cravey said...


I love you for remembering that!!!!

And it most definitely doesn't suck, it's perfect!

Cravey said...

also, "child mishap" = chasing Reid Roberston up the street.
chasing boys really never did me any good.

rennratt said...

For the record, pens and cotton balls are NOT useless.

Especially when used together. For crafts.