Thursday, February 22, 2007

The BEST day

Oh, if only you people could see me now, you'd see a tragically white girl doing something that could easily be mistaken for a seizure.

It's actually just me.. doing a happy dance.

Earlier today, I finished three of four stages of intensive dental work.. it's been ongoing for almost 14 months, but I'm almost done. The very last stage is scheduled for March 6th - when I can promptly go back to a normal person who sees a dentist just twice a year. I can't wait to find out what that feels like.

Can I get a hell yeah?

Also, I got my own wireless-internet-hook-up-thing, and have as of right now stopped stealing wireless signal from my neighbors. AND it didn't cost me the $85 they quoted me 'cause the handy-wireless-internet guy discovered I had a connection that I didn't know about.

Can I get another hell yeah?

AND for the icing, (you know, the very best part) - I signed on the dotted line of a long piece of yellow paper, in triplicate no less, tonight to get MY SUNROOM!!! (This is where the happy dance really gets scary). I've had visions of this room for the last two years, overlooking my back yard, me working, writing, reading, napping, and if I actually learn, maybe knitting in there. I scheduled the estimate thinking they would come out and quote me something so outlandish it would be impossible for me to afford effectively putting an end to my sunroom-longing. But no, apparently Ra (he was the sun god, right?) has smiled upon me, and the Nice-Sunroom-estimate-man tells me I have the easiest house/deck combo to transform into the sunroom of my dreams, complete with sliding glass door onto my deck and dog door for my four legged friends. Affordable, you betcha.

For the sprinkles on the icing, it'll be done by the first week in April, second at worst. At any rate, weeks before I bring home my new puppy.

I haven't had a day this good in a very long time. I'm going to enjoy it, perhaps even revel in it.
The word on the work-street is the next several months could be ugly..the words "overtime" and "weekend-work" have been used with abandon. The blow of that happening during the lovely North Carolina spring is considerably softened by the fact that I could do all that "weekend-overtime-work" in my brand new sunroom with my dogs in the sunny spot at my feet.

Sangria slushies in the sunroom - mid April - Who's in?


kenju said...

ME! I'm in! I'd love a sunroom, but we didn't do it when we could have afforded it - so I'll never get one unless I win the lottery (and you have to play to win, I hear).

I'm glad you had such a good day and I hope you have many more. I have had extensive dental/gum surgury work done and I know how you must feel that it is almost over. YAY!

Thanks for the visit, and thanks for the nice comment.

rennratt said...

Oooh! ME!

But mine must be a fountain coke slushie. Sangria (tannins) - give me severe migraines.

Or, I am totally willing to spring for Blueberry milkshakes from Sunny Sky's.

The bonus? You live a mere 15 or so minutes from me (depending on traffic, of course)!

Cravey said...

Judy, your welcome and thanks right back to you..

Renn, What are these blueberry milkshakes of which you speak? I am IN. Bring your little Nooze to play with the puppy! He will need children to torture him if he is to grow up like a good dog.

Roy said...

you betcha life is good. Sometimes.

The word on my work street is "appraisal."

utenzi said...

Hell yeah! Hell yeah!

And good luck with that sunroom, Cravey. It'll be great to have.

rennratt said...

Ah! Have you NEVER HAD the nectar known as Sunny Sky's?

How can this be?!

Go in to Fuquay - towards 401. Turn right on to 55 (easy to spot - stop light, 3 gas stations - one closed). Go maybe 3-5 miles. It is on your LEFT. They make homemade ice cream.

They were on the news last summer for making Red Pepper (maybe jalepeno?) ice cream.

They should open for 'summer' within the next month or 2.

Tracy Lynn said...

Right on. A day like that is a true treasure.

Yay you!

Roo said...

Not in April tho.... After May 10. Everything after May 10. Im not working. I need to kick my own ass. But The Wood is on. And Omar...maaannn.... Omar. um. what were we talking about???

Biff Spiffy said...


I mean, uh, hell yeah... Okay, that was a painfully white guy trying to do the happy dance with you. Seizures indeed.

Sangrias are decidedly girly. Bourbon. Thereyago.

tiff said...

dammit - blogger ate my comment from yesterday afternoon...

Do me a favor - don't let Biff drink all the bourbon, kay? I'll be needin' some for the juleps come Derby Day. Your sunroom sounds just the place for a horse race party.

Kim said...

I wanna come! I make really good guacamole. Can you make Mr. Puppy sit in my lap for the whole visit?