Saturday, March 3, 2007

Lights are on....

Um, yeah, I have noticed that I haven’t been writing but thanks to those of you who pointed it out.

Since I obviously need to write about something; here’s my note to the teacher begging an excused absence.

I have been work-busy, but it’s been good busy, the kind that makes me feel almost competent. Yeah, I know it surprises the crap out of me too. For the record people, Corporate Tiff has made an appearance or two, but mostly it’s regular, funny, coffee-swilling Tiff I see and occasionally work out with. That project she’s in charge of is uber-ugly and seems to have a blood supply of it’s own, because it appears to be getting bigger/uglier on a weekly basis. It’s like a Little Shop of Horrors without Steve Martin and all the cool songs; which pretty much means it sucks. HARD.

At home I’ve had a plethora of work-getting-ready-to-get done. Or as my old boss used to say “I’m getting ready to get busy”.. the impending arrival of my puppy has inspired a flurry of activity around the old homestead. I think when women are pregnant they refer to this as ‘nesting’ so if it’s not too weird to be doing that for a puppy arrival, I’m nesting - and if it is too weird - you name it.

I have a bunch of “little” jobs (read: shit I cant’ do because I don’t own things called “stud finder” or“dry wall anchors”) and I don’t have the foggiest idea how to hang a new storm door without chopping off my hand or the head of my dog, or dig a hole in my back yard (that’s right I can’t dig a hole, apparently there are roughly a bskillion different kinds of SHOVELS and I bought the wrong ones, so after 10 minutes of trying to dig a hole I decided that somewhere there had to someone I could PAY for this task) that a wonderful handyman is doing for me. Just as soon as I buy the new door and pay the man.

I’m also finally going to get around to painting my bathroom – I painted the master bedroom over the Thanksgiving holiday and it’s high time the bathroom matched – especially since the color in there now is like, hmm.. pea soup? which is fine for say, pea soup, but not for a bathroom. Well, at least not my bathroom.

To top things off, I’ve been feeling more than a little unwell. Unwell enough that I finally made an appointment to see my doctor. Who, when I told her my plethora of symptoms and the duration she got all doctor-y and sent me off for x-rays and blood tests, handing me prescriptions for sleeping pills and things. This is not the response I wanted. I was hoping more for a pat on the head and some dismissive doctor talk about sleep and maybe vitamins or something.. So, almost a week later, I’m waiting for test results. If she thought I wasn’t sleeping well before she should check out my sleep patterns now.

There you have it. My, I’m too distracted to sit down and type excuses. Pretty lame, I know, but you are dealing with the newly, and potentially chronically sleep-deprived. This was fun when I was in college, now, not so much.

Sooner or later, I’ll get re-focused and maybe even have a creative thought.

For now, I gotta get my Bob Vila on and get some sleep and not necessarily in that order.


kenju said...

Maybe you should hire Bob Vila instead of trying to be him...LOL. Seriously, take care of yourself!
The painting can wait until after the puppy gets settled, can't it?

Anne said...

Now I might be a redneck, but it seems to me if your shovel can move dirt from one place to another, it's the right type of shovel. Some are more efficent for certain jobs though. You should go back to that hardware store and demand a gas-powered shovel. Those things practically dig the holes by themselves. Good luck with all your house fixing.

roo said...

why are you digging a whole in your backyard? did you snuff out frankie?

Roy said...

Do they have "riding shovels?" I'd get one of those.

Cravey, good luck on your test results. I surely do miss those days whenever I would go to the doctor and he would grin and slap me on the back and say, "You're as healthy as a horse."

Carmi said...

I've often found that puppies make everything better. I hope yours certainly does, because you deserve a break.

I think you're more creative than you give yourself credit for. Even on an icky day, you're a wonderful writer.

Anne said...

I knew you meant "redneck" in a good way at my place. What you wrote really made me laugh.
BTW I'm teasing about the gas powered shovel. ;) I wanna see Roy on a riding shovel though. Lol.
I don't know where you are, but is it possible you just can't dig right now because the ground's frozen?

rennratt said...

The problem is not with the shovel. It is the ground itself. Or more specifically, the non-dirt dirt.

The ground in this area is a lovely combination of sand, red clay, and swampland. If you dig to plant, be sure to have a crate of soil on hand to help out.

If you need painters, holler. We aren't pros, but Nooze and I can knock out painting. (We did ALL of the frames and doors at church.)

Oh - and on another (completely different) note: Sunny Sky's opened up this weekend. ICE CREAM TIME!

Cravey said...

Renn - Thank you for not making me feel like a digging failure. I remember thinking, how hard can digging a hole be? Answer: REALLY HARD! I'm going with clay.. lots of very hard clay. It's not for planting plants or FRANKIE - 'ROO. Eastern NC has alligators and swamps for that particular task. :D

Riding shovels - very funny Roy.
I'll pay for your ticket here if you find one and dig my hole for me.

I think I can manage the painting on my own (it is JUST a bathroom) but I'll meet you at Sunny Skys afterwards!

Biff Spiffy said...

Thanks for the excuses. I was beginning to think you were becoming a corporate insomniac zombie like some people we know.

Crossing fingers for tests to turn out.

I have clay at the homestead. Hired my neighbor and his backhoe to scrape enough sod for a little garden (this AFTER spending half a day and sweating buckets trying to do it by hand).

tiff said...

SOME people read this blog, dude.

I'll help you shovel. I've found that good shoveling is all in the leaping.

Anonymous said...

Fire signs have a lot of kinetic energy. I have noticed this trait in some people with your sign. But, that will not help you fall asleep.

I would try to dim all the lights real low and not look at computer or television screens for at least 1 1/2 hours before bed.
When I lost power here; I couldn't stay up beyond 8:30 PM, and I am often up until 2-4 A.M. -- on the computer!!!