Sunday, March 25, 2007

Procrastination and some flowers

Um, I may have been a wee bit behind on the raking part of lawn care. Maybe.

The spring I moved into this house there was a corner of my yard that was fenced off like it was meant to be a garden. I left it alone for the first year, just to see what would happen. Weeds happened. Really Big Weeds. Like over my head big.

I had a landscaper cut it all down just last fall. I even took down the little fence. Even had I intended to try an grow a garden of any kind, a foot high fence does nothing but make my dog laugh as he merrily jumps back and forth over it. So the fence went.

I tried a couple times last spring to grow some things in pots. I bought some big pots and some little pots and an array of seeds. I planted them, little green sprouts came up and then, well, they died. I was a little sad, but not too surprised. My thumb has never been accused of being green. Now, I remember taking what was left of the seed packets and scattering them in the weird little garden area. I had forgotten that until just the other day when I was out playing ball with the dog and saw a little bunch of yellow daffodils. I went over and peeked at them. They were pretty. I turned to walk away and found some little pink flowers of unknown type a few feet away. I crept away much like a parent sneaking out of a sleeping infants room. I don’t know how those flowers thrived, but they did and it made me a little happy.

So I bought a rake on my way home Friday night. The leaves had to go and the big sucker truck comes on Mondays. I also might have bought some more seeds. I might have cleaned up a spot in the weird little garden area, planted the little seeds, covered them with some miracle grow something or other and watered them a little. I might have. I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but I’m telling you if they sprout, there will be pictures. In the meantime, I’m going to try very hard to forget about them. It seems things do better when I ignore them. It’d be nice if this worked for credit card balances, dirty bathrooms and weight loss.


Roy said...

That sure is a pretty house. Yes, more pictures!

So, where you live, a truck comes by and sucks up all the leaves by the curb??? Get outta here.

roo said...

its a magic garden patch.
got some juju from the dream catcher.
except for the front porch...we got the same house. im not surprised.

kenju said...

Yes, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could ignore bills and mortgages? LOL

If your flowers grow - please show us!

Anne said...

What a beautiful house! I had the same thing happen with seeds. I watered and watched them to no avail. Then when I gave up on them they grew. Unfortunately my weeds grew too.

tiff said...

It's all the "maybe"s in gardening that make the whole thing work so well.

You're maybe well on your way to possible success as an accidental gardener.

rennratt said...

Congratulations on the surprise flowers!

Is that your dog?

utenzi said...

I don't have a garage and my lot isn't sloped the same but our houses look like they might be identical twins, Cravey. I wonder if they have the same parents?

Cravey said...

Yep Roy, I'm telling you NC is my most favorite place, even with all the NASCAR stickers.

And thanks to you who said my house is pretty. BUT DID YOU ALL NOTICE THE HUGE-NORMOUS LEAF PILE??! That was the whole point! Sheesh!

Yeah, Renn, that's my boy. Doesn't he look helpful?

Utenzi, anything is possible, but I have no idea how to find out.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post. I love the garden imagery.

space said...

you're the yin for my yang, sister. i just installed a teeny little fence to protect my herbs from my puppy. and i'm going to force the green from the teeny little patches of soil that i can spare in my teeny little yard...

you deserve flowers and happy colors in unexpected places. pictures - please? daffodils can't piss you off, no matter what.