Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Of puppies and sunshine

Nobody liked Plucky the hen so I guess I have to write something *real*.
Fine. What you people have against chickens is your business.

I spent the weekend working on the old homestead. My sore places have sore places. I probably succeeded at 90% of what I set out to do, so I’m calling that a win.
I have not solved the riddle of rusty-as-hell screws, but I have a handyman coming over tomorrow and hopefully he’ll be able to give me some suggestions. I actually looked it up online, and apparently coke or Tabasco sauce works, but I can’t quite figure out how to apply either substance into the screw hole-area. I’d bet my socks that they sell just such a device at Home Depot though.

Unfortunately, the sun room is on delay – I have an extra 5,000 of dental work to do, and until I pay that off, I’m not signing on any more dotted lines. I’m hoping I can give myself the sunroom for Christmas. So for those of you that wanted to come for sangria slushies in the sunroom this spring, hold that thought, and I’ll spike some eggnog for us.

In happy news, last Thursday morning 10 little puppies made their way into the world. One of which will soon enough become the newest four-legged critter in my home. I am over the moon at the prospect of pencil-eraser paw pads, frito-smelling feet and puppy breath. There will much joy in Cravey-ville on that day. Ohyestherewill.

North Carolina is busy reminding me why I love it here. Seventy degrees in March does turn this girls head, and there’s a rumor that 80 is just 48 hours away. There are flowers in bloom – some even in my own backyard, no idea how they got there, heaven help them. There some crazy-basketball thing happening down here, not being a fan of the sport, I just nod and smile when the talk to turns to it. Er, Go….Cubs?...Rams?

Things at the place of business are good. When I took this job a year ago (in May) it was a leap of faith in many ways. I really thought I’d be in it a year, and I’d be packing up and moving, probably to Austin. As things stand now, I don’t see me going anywhere.

I’m happy right where I am.
Even without a sunroom.


kenju said...

That's great. We should always try to be happy right where we are! A new puppy? You must bring her to lunch one day...LOL

Not Cubs or Rams - Tarheels, okay? I can't believe you live in Blue Heaven and don't like b-ball!

Anne said...

I liked your little chicken. Congrats on the puppy, what kind is it? Congrats on getting the house fixed up too. :)

Biff Spiffy said...


Can we have a naming contest? Cuz, you know, that would be fun.

What's the deal with the screws and your rusty hole? I'm a recovering builder, perhaps I could he'p solve the riddle.

Yay for happy! Happy is awesome. Sorry about the dental dollars and delayed gratification, but you'll get there.

Cravey said...

Yeah, Judy, I'm just now figuring that out.

Anne, Thank you. Plucky's feelings were a little hurt.

The name is already selected. Sorry Biff, feel free to have one anyway if you're in need of that kind of fun. Also, um, you coulda rephrased that rusty hole thing it sounds kinda dirty. The story goes like this..screws in dog door are rusted so that I can't unscrew them. End of story. :(

Heh. I am a pro at delayed gratification.

kenju said...

P.S. Use an eyedropper to squeeze the stuff into the screw holes. It might work?

PPS. Thanks for the offer. We are going through Richmond at the end of the month on our way to NYC, so I will get my fill of it on the way up - and back!

Anonymous said...

Oh no not another puppy post.

Just kidding.

Whenever you get the penetrating oil for the screws, just ask the old guy at the hardware store. They know everything. Usually, just get the oil somewhere on and around the screw head and it will magically seep into the threads over time. Trust me.


Anonymous said...

Aww! Happiness at Cravey's place and frito-smelling puppy feet to boot! I think I like it here!!! Yay you!!!

tiff said...

dingblast it - my comment got eaten.

I am sad.

But if you let me pet your puppy's tummy, I shall be happy again, I am sure.

Kim said...

Do puppy feet smell like Fritos?? Cool. My only experience is with cat ears, which smell deliciously of cat saliva and fur.

rennratt said...

For the rusty screws? Just dip a q-tip in coke. Then rub the rust off with the Q-Tip.

If that doesn't work, try vinegar and baking soda. Also with a q-tip.

Congratulations on the puppy! Be sure to stock up on blue puppy training pads - and Hartz stain remover with baking soda.

roo said...

tar heels.
my favorite team besides osu. but i still don't know what a tar heel is. when i was 4 i'd tell you i was one.
i can't wait for puppies.

caroline said...

Doggie doors are very important, as we don't want doggies doing inside what they should be doing outside ... so good luck with the rusty screws! (And you're right - Biff's comment did sound dirty. Funny, but dirty. Rusty hole, delayed gratification ... sounds like a sad social life.)

Anyway, getting back on track. Congratulations on the arrival of ????. Need details: breed, gender, name, etc ... and, when available, pictures. Share the puppy love, Jenny Lynn!

Biff Spiffy said...

Renn's solutions are very homey and nice... I prefer a sharp drill bit to just bore out the old screws. Not patient enough, I guess.