Sunday, July 22, 2007

A puppy, a birthday, some jerks, and a race

This picture has very little to do with anything other than - that's my puppy and damn he's cute. And Feisty. I like him. A lot. For once, I got exactly what I paid for.

I have been really busy these last 10 or 12 days; too busy to have any interest in sitting in front of computer any MORE when I get home. My brain is just too hurty to take any more.

On Friday I remembered a far away friends birthday was Saturday, and got home to find she had sent me presents. Even in my twisty little head, that didn't seem right, but it did seem perfectly Mandy. So for her birthday, I got water pistols, bubbles, Trader Joe's espresso soda (haven't tried it yet, can't wait) and GIANT macadamia nut cookies who were baked by a bakery with my very own last name. Don't ask me to share, because as of this writing, there is exactly ONE left, and I doubt you people are getting it. This has to be one of the best ways ever to end a busy week. I wish I could have joined her on her birthday trip to some very cool place who's name I can't remember.

Anytime I get to complaining about wishing I had the money to do all the fun stuff that responsibility gets in the way off, I am reminded of something my mom used to say, "You should have been born rich instead of beautiful" - kind of a classic thing for a mom to say, right? I'll tell you what though, if I had unlimited funds right now, I think I'd use it to pay someone to kick the ass of every professional athlete on the planet. I'd like to take this opportunity to offer (courtesy of the Redneck Scottsdale Princess) a big old "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" salute to all these -over-inflated-ego-having-lack-of-morality-compassionless-thoughtless-careless-brainless-sense of entitlement- fuckwads.

I started a full-on rant here about all of the latest athletic idiots in the news, and got depressed by it to the point I had to walk away for an hour or so. So... I'm not posting all that. Suffice to say, I'm disgusted and totally turning in my NFL fan card. I don't know how exactly I'm going to fill Sundays in the fall/winter, but I believe it will be with people and animals that deserve my energy, money, love, compassion and time.

While I haven't registered yet, I'm starting to train for a half marathon this fall. It's been too long since I followed a strict training schedule and even longer since I earned a t-shirt the hard way. I'm overdue. Wish me injury free running, please. I'll train through them, as I have before, but I gotta say it'd be nice to not have to fight quite that hard.

Happy shiny new week friends.

I'm off for a dog walk followed by a glass of cold white wine on my front porch.
Wish you were here.


rennratt said...


Instead of NFL weekends, sign up to follow the local 'futbol' team - semi pro soccer! If you want to go purely regional, you can visit my neck of the woods (now Crackhouse Free, thanks to a recent fire). The local Latinos sure can rock the weekends in the fall.

If you are up for a weekly walking partner (I can't run, but I can WALK. REALLY. FAST.), I would love to 'train' with you. I could totally be your slow day. (I'm not kidding with the offer, either. Must. Lose. Weight!)

tiff said...

Brain hurty + white wine = an OK evening.

While you're running I'll do "Something" else. I'm here to help, espt to help YOU get fit enough to run a race. I could, uh, be your REALLY slow day. :>

Brianf said...

"Hurty", is a GREAT word!! Im going to steal it. :)
Please don't fall for the soccer is cool attitude. It's boring and we don't play it despite what TV tells us. I am a Phillies fan. Ha! It's not an easy thing but I was born to it. Baseball is good, so is Football and Hockey.

6truck said...

Here's my suggestion for the upcoming fall weekends, seems to kill quite a few of my weekends:



kenju said...

That's quite a large puppy you have, Cravey!!

I never watch football, so my indignation at the players may match yours, but I don't care about them. They are dipwads anyway. Try basketball?

I'll come for red wine (I like it cool too) and I could be your really, really slow walking day trainer.

kotzebue said...

I wish you lots of stress-free, injury-free, easy-breathing running!

Her Roo-ness said...

first place i stopped after Burr Oak... what? that name just didn't stick in your craw with all the other brainy type stuff you got going on in your craw??
lemme know what schedule you're going to start and when you want to do it. i'll train with you, sister. we'll run together.
i love that puppy.

purly wurly said...

Is Mandy the one who sent you the Cliff Mojo Bar?? I'm still mad that she beat me to that one (ha).

utenzi said...

Was your disgust due to that dog fighting scandal, Cravey? I've not been watching the news much the past 2 weeks so that's the only thing I can think of that would have you upset.

Your puppy looks quite tenacious!