Sunday, July 8, 2007

Random Weekend Meanderings..


Anyone else see this and really, really wish they had a spare 130 million or so?

Also, along the same line, does anyone else find it odd that Dracula's remaining heir is an architect in New York City? What a disappointment. I'm sure being an architect isn't easy, however, if you are Dracula's heir I expect something distinctly more creepy/interesting.


Had a rather late night last night. I tried to get up and be a good puppy-mom, I did. I did the best I could at our normal morning thing and ever hopeful that the Prince of Darkness would take a nap - I dozed off on my couch and woke up thinking "What could he possibly be doing that sounds like he's chewing on my kitchen wall?"

Answer: chewing on my kitchen wall.. gah.

What the hell are teen age boys doing/eating/drinking these days?
Once, about 9 months ago I was purposefully groped by a 15(?) year old in Walgreen's - today a group of boys propositioned me outside a local Blockbuster.

It occurred to me after the fact, that had the little episode outside Blockbuster been witnessed by anyone it could have turned into a police matter.
Yeah, seriously, I had to put my hands on this punk to keep his hands off of me.

This child has a future as high-school-football-player-rapist.


I watched Coyote Ugly today. (oh the shame.)
I realize this was two hours of man-eye-candy, but I thought John Goodman literally stole the show. I would have totally bid on him in that bar. heh.


I am ready for a vacation. I need my biggest responsibility to be which kind of floaty thing I want to lie on in the pool today and umbrella drinks.
Anyone wanna join me? Destination open; suggestions welcome.



Her Roo-ness said...

What the fuck????????? We need to practice your "i will fuck you up face." And maybe, start carrying your mace. Columbus boys don't do this. In large part due to the fact that you never know who you're dealing with in Columbus... Bath and Body Works/Vic Secrets/Limited heir or gang members old lady.... the later, usually leads to a cap in yo ass....
damn. that pisses me off.
Hank has a pool that he would be glad to share. He can chew on my kitchen. Small price to pay for Jenny Sister. In a year, we'll laugh about it?
Hank needs to see auntie jenny and his puppy cousins.
I'll buy a bigger puppy pool. We'll go fight crime.
It will be the stuffs of legends.

rennratt said...

Get yer puppy a pacifier.

It worked on my dog, back when she was the bitey puppy.

She had a hard time teething, and the pacifier worked wonders. (Freeze it or rub it in orajel).

As a result, I am now the owner of a 12 year old husky/lab - that has buck teeth.

I'm not kidding.

rennratt said...

One more thing.

Yes to the vacation.

Grab a ticket, as we are flying to Maine at the end of the week.

Anne said...

Yes, time for a vacation. How about Vegas? It's only 106 degrees today. (It was 121 a few days ago.)

Sounds like puppy needs some chew toys.

carolinapurl said...

I have to say that rennratt made me laugh out loud about his/her buck-toothed dog. I'm still laughing.

A little girl I used to babysit for was an extra in Coyote Ugly. She and her college roommate did it for kicks. I've thought about renting the movie to try and pick her out of the bar scenes, but haven't been able to bring myself to do it!

Maybe you need some pointy-toe boots for kickin' nasty boys in their nethers.

I'd like to think I'm giving my little boy some good home trainin'!

utenzi said...

Some time off is a good idea, Cravey. You need to get away from those nasty boys around your area. And umbrella drinks are heavenly! I just read a post a few minutes ago about Jamaica and it sounded great...

Biff Spiffy said...

As our friend JK would say, "TF?"

I wouldn't put up with that sorta thing for a second, were I you. Get two kinds of mace: The spray, and the spiky metal ball on a stick. Maybe a Taser.

Good ears on the destruction ID. I recall someone telling me he wasn't evil, he's cute...

Speaking of bats and Dracula, architecture is a very vampirey trade. Who do you think designs secret passages and tunnels and crypt bedrooms, plus lightning-powered labs for terrifying experiments? And when they're not designing the cool stuff, they're sucking money out of wallets. Almost as good as blood, but less runny.

tiff said...

I would SO buy that castle.

As to the groping, etc., perhaps a muumuu and some pink fowm curlers in your hair would discourage that kinda behavior. I'm thinkin' those are the ONLY things that could maybe disguise the smoking hawtness of the Cravey. Or just go everywhere with a butch biker dyke. That might work too.

Scottsdale Girl said...

I Love that movie, and yes John Goodman is the best part about it. Well actually the ONLY Part about it. So to speak.

I will take Rocky Point or San Diego at this point. Warm beach, cold water, frozen drinks.

Biff Spiffy said...

Oh and by the way, I never did comment on your new 'description' (neither does milk). LOVE it, makes me laugh every time I come here.

Kingfisher said...

Pissant little fuckers.

That's why I like being around when there's a bunch of teenage boys at my house. When they start to get out of line, I pull the Alpha Gorilla glare, snarl, and warning whack to the head.

With those little bastards, I would have pulled their testicles out through their mouth.

Only the Alpha Gorilla gets to grope the females. ;)