Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A little off the top

Welcome to my 100th post.
I was expecting flowers.

Stress seems to be the theme of the month, or maybe two months. Everyone around me is traveling a rocky road right now. Some of the stress is less dramatic - things like starting a new job (Roo, I’m lookin’ at you); kids back in school/kids growing up; new job challenges; new relationships; new issues in old relationships; and some are bigger - like divorces; or getting a letter from your kids school discussing your child’s music teachers summer, which apparently included a sex change (and no, I’m not making that up).

While I’m in the middle of some of it, and have a bit of my own going on, I generally feel more stressed by watching everyone around me bear the weight of the trouble in their life. I am no Florence Nightingale, but when it comes to the people closest to me, I want desperately to just ‘fix it’. Which generally leads to me making cupcakes and home made soup; because that is what I do when I can't do anything else. What I want all you friend-people to know is how much I appreciate what you do for me, just by being in my life, and trusting me to share your burdens. And for the friend with the music teacher issue, I'm sorry, but I so needed *that* particular laugh.

Speaking of friends - please go visit my friend - 6 Truck (link to the right). He’s got a brand new baby blog - it needs love and encouragement, and, um, milk – or whatever it is that makes baby blogs grow. Mr. Truck and I went to the same high school, and as far as I can tell, he tracked me down just to make me laugh and tell me stories about my brother, something I’ll ever be grateful for - much like my silent friend in Texas who’s grateful that Bruce and the E Street Band are coming out with something new.

Take your gifts where you find 'em right?


Tracy Kaply said...

Dude, I firmly believe that there is very little in this life that cannot be made better by the liberal application of cupcakes.

Rock on with your bad self.

utenzi said...

I just thought I'd mention that I just love cupcakes. I'd do just about anything for some good ones. :-)

JustRun said...

Oh yes, it does seem to be that time. Makes having some good friends even better, doesn't it?

I am also glad about Bruce and those E Street guys.

roo said...

You're great.
If you want to fix something, you should fix my 7th period class, cuz they don't know it yet, but they about to die. I told a boy today, "when you say something funny, baby...then i will laugh."
damn. the first week and i'm ready to start kicking ass.
no cupcakes for them.
and also...
wow. i thought i was interesting cuz i was the tattooed teacher....

rennratt said...

It's definitely going around.

Last Friday was AWFUL. Around 2 pm, I informed my dept that we were leaving the office to attend a MANDATORY, OFF SITE, DEPARTMENTAL MEETING.

I took them for ice cream at Maggie Moos.

Some things can only be fixed with junk food.

tiff said...

Pink Lemonade cupcakes roack the freaking HOUSE.

I had two. Apparently I'm in need.

And yay for new blogs!

Purlie Mae said...

I also had two cupcakes, and went for a third, but sadly they had disappeared. I should have made cupcakes for you, Cravey. Thank you for listening lately when I needed to talk about my grandmother, and transgendered music teachers, and kids with "two moms." Who knew kindergarten was so progressive?