Thursday, January 25, 2007

My friend Mandy told me she thought I should write a book and title it "The World According to Don't Call Me Jennifer." There's a story behind that, but this is not that story. I don't need much of an excuse to write, but this title makes me want to write a book, yesterday.

Today, was overall a bad day. There were some highlights (Hi Kenju! Hi Renn! Hi Tiff!) but overall, it just sucked.

I've always been into sports; soccer, rugby, martial arts, softball, a little (really bad) tennis and eventually, of course, running. There were teams, teachers, coaches, opponents, rules, time limits, breaks, protective padding, referees, practices, challenges, games, and races.

Your teammates were there to help you in your role, congratulate you when it went well, tell you to shake if off when it didn't. Teachers and coaches for advice, support, discipline and permission to celebrate. Opponents, the easily identified 'bad guys' of the moment. Rules to keep things fair everyone gets the same number of chances. Time limits and breaks to keep you from running over and working too hard. Padding to protect you. Referees to enforce the rules. Practices to help you get better, as an individual and as a team. Challenges, games and races to showcase your improved talent.

I miss being able to point to a rule book and say "this why you can't do that." Where's the referee to point out what's wrong, what's fair and how it's going to be fixed?

I realize I'm being over simplistic.
I also know that tonight I don't care.
I'm mad.
I'm frustrated.

What I do know, is that in the "World According to Don't Call me Jennifer" that's the rule.
Play fair.


Wiggy said...

"The World According to Don't Call Me Jennifer."

LOVE the title. I'd say ya gotta write the book. (Sorry you had a sucky day!)

rennratt said...

Can you add 'Just Do your frigging job and shut up!" to the list?


Cravey said...

Wiggy - I KNOW! I should totally quit screwing around and get to typing.

Renn - Yeah! And go to the right place at the right time, right?
(Despite the truth, you still have green hair in MY mind).

tiff said...

Life would be so much easier if people didn't keep screwing with the rules. MY rules. Their rules suck ass.

kenju said...

Hmmm.....seems we all have nearly the same attitude. How can we all be right?

Thanks for the mention.

Roo said...

Chapter #1 in the handbook should cover this.
CHAPTER 1: No Turds Allowed