Friday, January 26, 2007

Things that make me happy.

I'm indulging myself here. In an effort to shake my cranky-pants mood I'm surrounding myself with things that generally don't piss me off. I wore my favorite non-running shoes to work today, listened to 80's hair bands on XM as I drove to work, I may eat a greasy-cheesy non-healthy cheeseburger for lunch, and I'm posting a poem that makes me happy. This is what I got today folks. Nothing much to see here, move along.

The Faith of Birds

This morning driving to college
To teach a poetry class,
A row of ringed-necked geese
Walked across the parkway
Between Old Keene Mill and Ox Roads.
I stopped in the left lane
To count eighteen birds
March past my bumper
Assured that the world
Would stop. It was me
Checking the rearview mirror
To see what traffic would do.
It was my rational philosophy
Undermined by geese refusing
To look at me in the truck
Cars lined up behind us.
Accelerating, I though, well
That's poetry; a line of geese
Walking across a road
Under the rumble of warm engines
Halted for the slap of webbed feet
On asphalt. They walk like they could fly.
Mark Craver


Anonymous said...

Liked that.


rennratt said...

Go to Dream Burger!

Lace said...

Enjoyed this. Thanks for posting.

tiff said...

A poem about geese crossing the highway.....amazing. really. Putting together poetry is hard work, and sometimes, like this, the result is perfect. Thanks for sharing!

Wiggy said...

I love your poem; I love birds - all kinds - even chickens. (I must have been a bird in a former life - if not - then next life for sure(!) ;-)

Reminds me of McCloskey's "Make Way for Ducklings" - one of my fav books of all time.

I always indulge myself when I'm feeling "off" (which is more often than I would like and probably more often than the average person - thus, the nom de plume: "Wiggy") - it works - good for the soul. Good for you for indulging yourself. I hope you are feeling better. :-)