Thursday, January 18, 2007


It snowed for the first time since I've moved to North Carolina.

My dog is out of control - I'd forgotten how much he liked to play in the cold, wet snow.

I can see that today, a day I arranged to work at home because I have a handyman coming over to look at my dumb garage door, that I will be fighting to get work done while he brings me his wet duck to throw for him in the back yard. He provides a great deal of entertainment, even if he's no Woochie Chugger.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the snow calls to him. I love to read about animals:

Out into the frost dance he goes to sing his songs of adventure.

Yours for the revolution,

Jack L.

Biff Spiffy said...

How sweet!

And, that totally is your dog. If I would have picked a pet for you out of a catalog, he'd be it (him?).

We got about the same snow here. Keeps waffling between snow and rain, and it's a freakin' weird winter so far. Boy's been skiing 3x on fake snow, but I'm holding out for February and the chance of real winter. Besides, I'd like some softer padding as I work out the rust that comes from 12 months between ski trips...

tiff said...

It was awesome to see that schnee coming down yesterday morning. Also awesome to see it go away by afternoon. That's the kind of snow I like.

I'm glad SOMEONE got a picture of it. My camera crapped out before I could snap a clear pic. Grrrr.

kenju said...

It is too bad it melted so quickly, then, since he likes it. I hear we may get more on Sunday.